Courses and mentoring

STAR SOUL INTENSIVE ~ Expand your inner and outer horizons. 



A series of sessions for a deeper healing and supportive exchange. Reinforce your innate spiritual connection, creativity and competence.

*Energetic and emotional healing

*Assistance in living a life that is true for you – soul alignment

Wherever you are at in your life – at the end of the line or at the top of your game, regardless of your past,  deep inside, you know that a life of fulfilment, true intimate and trusting relating and creativity is possible. That IS your birth right. Deep inside you also know that you have what it takes to meet life under any circumstances …

These intensive sessions are a personal journey of self discovery where you will be supported in your authentic expression that is urging you to live it!

This series of sessions creates a safe and healing space where you can listen to your heart, connect powerfully to your emotions, your body and your soul and truly expand your inner and outer horizons.

Number of sessions will be determined on an individual basis. Minimum 3 sessions.

Price: £300 for 3 sessions.


EMOTION IMMERSION ~ This is a 5 week course, exploring your heart and emotional world for a deeper connection and alignment. Please apply directly to Emma.

Price: £450 for 5 sessions


This course has been completely transformational for me. Emma’s ability to connect immediately to your true hearts desire and guide you through this journey is beyond any healer I have ever worked with. If you want to discover yourself in a totally new way I would highly recommend this course. It has really changed my life and I am deeply grateful to Emma for her gift of unconditional love and compassion.

J.S Florida, USA

I highly recommend Emma Stow, she helped me to re-discover my wisdom, to remove the source of “the cloud” around me and find the reason for my anger, disappointment, unhappiness, blockages….. I can’t say how much I appreciate her work, wisdom and contact with me, I truly do.

R.G London, UK



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