Coming home to love

If peace in the world is really about love, OUR selves included – wouldn’t that make LOVE our absolute priority?

And anyway, ultimately

….aren’t we really here for this? 

Through astrology, sacred land, soul work and a rich and colourful life (you couldn’t make it up!), I have explored human nature and our deeper relationships with Earth, stars and the living Universe, which helped me heal from illness, form healthy relationships,  and gave me a passion for healing and spiritual empowerment through awareness, soul connection and Love.

I offer sessions, talks, workshops and retreats  – using my intuitive abilities and 15 years experience of one-to-one sessions to serve the individual and groups with wholeness, emotional and energetic awareness and healing with pure life force.

I am the author of the book Revolution of Being, of the online course Soul Living, have completed 2 speaking tours of the USA, Italy and Norway, 10 years of retreats in the UK and USA and am the director of the London multidisciplinary show LOVE SPACE.

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What People Are Saying…

“Emma is a deeply intuitive and insightful astrologer, healer and reader of energy. The reading I had with her has brought me into greater understanding of my soul purpose and given me strength and support with my life’s work.”

Session feedback

London, UK

“This course has been completely transformational for me. Emma’s ability to connect immediately to your true hearts desire and guide you through this journey is beyond any healer I have ever worked with. If you want to discover yourself in a totally new way I would highly recommend this course. It has really changed my life and I am deeply grateful to Emma for her gift of unconditional love and compassion.”


Florida, USA

“…My experience with Emma was a powerful impact of clarity and awareness. Emma’s words of wisdom not only touched my heart but brought me consciousness to my existence and connection with the universe.”

Melina Seeto

Toowoomba, Australia

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