About Emma

In 2003, on a massage table, in the middle of a crowded expo, I had a life changing healing experience. At that moment I had a vivid and clear insight into human nature, life and the universe, the multidimensional and miraculous. And a very clear choice to make – life or death. I chose life.

Fast forward to now after some extraordinary adventures and challenges, having experienced many of the pitfalls and wonders of the mystical path, I am inspired to serve the freedom of others at a time of genuine opportunity on the planet.  Global change starts with each of us…

I have run sacred land and soul based retreats for 10 years in the UK and the USA, written the book Revolution of Being, and give talks and workshops. I also direct the London show Love Space bringing performers together from all walks of life to celebrate love and creative authenticity.

My background in music, astrology and sacred land all brought me to create my own form of intuitive speaking and consultation which is fundamentally about connection to the soul.

The process is one of healing, connection and integration, releasing numbness, distraction, and the debilitating effects of anxiety and depression to experiencing wholeness, taking charge of your life and making your unique physical, emotional and energetic make up work for you. Running your own unique system the way that it was designed to be – to be free and to thrive. This reality is written in our DNA.

Soul connection is loving and empowering supporting your health and ability to follow the guidance of your own divine nature.

I regularly give talks and workshops to groups and run retreats to give people an extended deep dive into the soul experience.

As well as my soul connection sessions, I also offer –

  • End of life support for those crossing the threshold as well as for family members and loved ones.
  • Birth blessings for the start of your baby’s life – energetic preparation for birth.
  • Support and advice for those who have experienced emotional abuse including for children and families.
  • Animal, baby and plant healings for those who cannot communicate in words.
  • Integrity for strong foundations advice for those starting businesses and new companies.
Longer bio

Life story so far…in bullet points…

  • Studied drama at Bristol University.
  • Travelled with an aid convoy to Croatia and Bosnia during the war distributing food and medicine.
  • Followed my dream to become a rock singer but one dark night of the soul later became an astrologer.
  • My own lengthy process of being mentored led to learning about energy and accountability and being true to my values.
  • Healing from illnesses, finding the clarity and courage to leave behind unhealthy relationships and all abuses of power. Choosing life.
  • Learning about emotions and the body listening to the energetic foundations and relationships of life.
  • 15 years of one to one sessions, workshops and retreats. 
  • Working with sacred land starting with the Glastonbury Zodiac. Star, Earth connections, land as teacher and soul mirror. 
  • Pilgrimage.
  • Life changing encounter with my soul and the soul of others. 
  • The art of sacred space.
  • Writing ‘Revolution of Being’ and focusing on serving through spiritual empowerment, soul connection, emotional and energetic awareness.
  • 2 speaking tours of the USA. 
  • Retreats in Glastonbury, Florida, Tucson and Sedona.
  • Working for the Alliance for Childhood – Inspiring Youth in London

LOVE SPACE – envisioned, directed and performed in the show to bring people together with some of London’s most authentic and inspirational talent.

  • Living by love, learning to live by respect and co-operation and creativity. Still learning. Still making mistakes. Still taking a chance on what my heart knows is possible.

 The main focus of my work –

Soul embodiment, – this is deeply healing and energetically empowering, to re-aquaint people to their true selves and divine nature.

The re-union and alignment of soul, heart and body is our ultimate freedom and key to a more authentic life.

Recovery from emotional abuse –  has been a big part of my personal experience and work –  I offer support to people in the process of leaving and recovering from abusive relationships and manipulation. I can also help with families and children in these circumstances.  I have experience of supporting families through court cases also relating to child custody that ensure that the children’s well being is prioritised and supported.

Other services –

  • Spiritual and emotional guidance
  • End of life healing support for those facing their final days, there is a dignified and sacred way to prepare for this transition for both those making it and the family members and friends that share it. It is an honour to be present for you in your final days or for your loved ones. I am also available to advise on this either by phone or in person.
  • Singing at funerals, I can sing your loved one’s favourite song or a song of your choosing.
  • Pre-birth blessings for babies and mothers to be. At this time I’m happy to offer a special kind of preparation for the baby and mother for birth and offer a blessing to celebrate this welcome arrival into the world and the beginning of a new life.
  • Reading energetic family dynamics and support for parents and children.
  • Communications with people in comas, babies, animals, trees and plants. I have helped with babies and animal’s physical and emotional problems that they are unable to communicate verbally.
  • Teaching life skills to young people – empowerment, emotional connection, awareness, health, meditation and relationships.
  • Birthday sessions! – a real celebration. During a solar return, an energetic portal opens and consciously connecting to this is a profound way to celebrate your arrival into the world. Walking together, meeting in person or zoom call.
  • Integrity consultant for start ups and businesses, to ensure the sustainability and success of your business by ensuring that the foundations are energetically strong.
  • Group tours of the Glastonbury Zodiac.

If you’ve got this far, THANK YOU for your interest in my life!


Short bio

Emma is the author of Revolution of Being and is known for her international work and retreats on the soul. Her focus is on love, healing and awareness as a catalyst for personal and global change. She offers talks, workshops, retreats and one-to-one sessions. She has held retreats for 10 years in the UK and USA and has also completed 2 speaking tours of the USA as well as offering the online Living Soul course. She is also a poet, singer and the director of Love Space – a multi-disciplinary extravaganza to bring people together.