The 2nd revised edition of Revolution of Being – first printed in 2012,  is available here. This includes additions to the original as well as more up to date information.

Book available as a paperback and as a pdf download

A helpful and relevant  guide for everyone alive on Earth! A little book of core wisdom, Revolution of Being is an inspirational handbook to living in these defining years of physical and energetic transformation. It explores the deeper interaction of our lives with the solar system and galaxy, and how these interactions are changing all aspects of our lives from life purpose to awareness, emotions, relationships and time.  A unique blend of consciousness, geophysics, astrology and intuition in a personal exploration of these extraordinary times.

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Reviews for ‘Revolution of Being’

“I started reading this book and really couldn’t put it down – I like the brevity and the richness it contains. The core message that to help each other we have to understand ourselves (personal rebirth through the heart) is one that has always resonated with me. The book is written from your soul which makes it captivating and I really appreciated your perspective, drawing on your experience as a perceptive spiritual astrologer. So as you can see, your book had a profound impact on me – it relates to where I personally have been, where I am and to where I am going in completing my life mission. A very powerful book.”


“Revolution of Being is one of the most lucid guidebooks to the new paradigm I have ever read. It’s all here! Drawing on her skills as an experienced astrologer, Emma’s broad perspective offers invaluable insights into how we see ourselves and our world, helping us to claim our own power as awakened humans, as we enter a new era of understanding. Her grasp of Universal truths are a welcome contribution to the new, globally connected human potential movement that is now emerging. A soulful and inspiring blend of galactic science, positive psychology and spiritual wisdom, Emma’s user-friendly handbook provides the reader with an easy and accessible overview of the recent planetary paradigm shift. An essential life coaching manual for navigating these changing times. I highly recommend this book!”


“This book is a proposal on living that should not be ignored. It is vibrant and fresh, powerful and optimistic, intelligent and wise. Read it, and you will see that OUR future is in YOUR hands.”