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Self study online course – info and booking here.

‘It’s one thing for therapists and self-help books to say ‘love yourself’ (they’re right, of course) but how to do that?

“This is where Coming Home to Love has been crucial. Under Emma’s guidance I came to understand the love that is, and always has been, inside me all along, the love for myself.”
Gillian McIver

Coming Home to Love is a self love course to step free from old conditioning and into flow, ease, internal strength and grace.

The course consists of 9 videos (15-30 minutes) that offer talks and guided processes/meditations that offer a direct experience of self love.


A guided experience to feel and come to know your soul.

‘Your powerful guidance to this day yields results. I’m deeply grateful to you for giving me this point of reference: the feel of my soul when it’s being heard.’
Romanoff, Brussels, Belgium. 

The soul is the divine and infinite part of you and is your unique universal energetic signature. Coming to know your true divine Self in this way is to know the primal love relationship that is and has always been there for you ~ the relationship between you and your soul. This relationship informs and supports you in this lifetime and connecting consciously and energetically to this helps root the love from this universal source within you deeper into your body, your relationships and the physical reality of your everyday life. Listening to your soul is how you can connect to your deepest wisdom and experience the source of love and life within you.

Each session is unique to everyone as each soul and life path is completely unique ~ often people describe the experience as a powerful healing journey of ‘coming home’.

My aim is to support, guide and strengthen this connection to your soul which is your true, natural state of being for your healing, your freedom and your thriving right now in this moment of your life for the benefit of all beings and for the world at large.

It is always an honour for me to do this work.

One to one sessions available on Zoom or Facetime.

Price £120

Contact me for more information or you can book a session here:

Session Information

~ Sessions last for an hour to an hour and half
~ Sessions are not recorded but you are free to do so.
~ Please ensure that you are in a quiet and confidential space for the session and somewhere you will not be disturbed. You will also need a strong internet connection.

This session is a sacred space – please respect your time in this way.
Thank you.


Birth chart reading and astrological overview of the immediate future to understand better the larger dynamics at play in your life at this time.

60-90 mins. £90 on Zoom or Facetime.

Contact me for more information and to book a reading.


Your heart and body have their own intelligence and know how to heal themselves when we support them to do so because they are designed to balance, restore and renew themselves.  I have developed this healing practice over 10 years of private sessions and listening to the body’s energy and intelligence. I work with your life force and universal connection to supporting your emotional and physical health.

‘The most effective healing I have ever done is with Emma. And I have tried everything. She is true MAGIC.’  Lisa Marie Mahoney, New Jersey USA.

Sessions take place online on Zoom or Facetime.

30 mins £60

60 min £90

Please email to arrange session


A series of sessions to connect deeper to and step up to your destiny. For leaders, future leaders and those already in service.

Initiatory journey to understand how your unique make up can work for you. Aligning your heart, soul and body for connected clarity, true intimate relationships, better health and creativity to step into your role of leadership.

Supporting your connection to your own power to walk your life’s path in the way that only you can. This includes a grounding in the emotional, practical and energetic foundations of life supporting you in the dance of opportunity and obstacles that face us all.

When we are living through alignment we don’t need to use adrenaline or stress to force ourselves to achieve which only benefits in the short term and leads to burn out. We give up competition and comparison and learn to live in an aligned way connecting to our intuition and physical nature to match the capacity or our soul. We can learn to work with the natural reserves of energy that we have when we live in a connected, self respecting and AWARE way which has great benefits for our mental and physical health, our relationships and community in the the long term.

Expand your inner and outer horizons and turn your life around!   

Please email Emma to see if this is right for you and to apply.

Number of sessions will be determined on an individual basis. Minimum 3 sessions.

Price: £390 for 4 sessions

Price: £490 for 6 sessions

“Emma’s ability to connect immediately to your true hearts desire and guide you through this journey is beyond any healer I have ever worked with. If you want to discover yourself in a totally new way I would highly recommend mentoring.”

Contact me for more information

Private Session Feedback

“Emma has a gift for intuiting what is needed for the moment and how to deliver profound information in a way that is both powerful and gentle.”

“The session that Emma shared with me brought me to the awareness of my Sovereignty, and the unconditional love that goes into creating our experiences in our journey.”

“The session helped me realize and have confidence in my own unique gifts and better able to deal with my challenges.”

“You have given me a gift that is more valuable than words can express. You helped me acknowledge the deepest of pains in my life, and it was yet another opportunity for healing. You have helped me connect so many of the fragmented aspects of me in my journey. Your Intuition and Knowings are clearly Divine and Healing. Your Wisdom and Love is Empowering to others.”

“Emma’s communication was so clear and fluid, bringing to light the important issues at play in my life, with true sensitivity and compassion. She undoubtedly holds an extraordinary gift and her kindness and wisdom are reflected in her ability to connect so easily with people at a heart-level.”

“Emma is a deeply intuitive and insightful astrologer, healer and reader of energy. The reading I had with her has brought me into greater understanding of my soul purpose and given me strength and support with my life’s work.”

“Emma is capable of employing the focused, intuitive relationship she has with herself and her connections to remarkably good use with her clients.When I looked for definition and direction, Emma was able to help focus my thoughts and feelings and guide my contemplations.”

Courses & Mentoring Feedback

“This course has been completely transformational for me. Emma’s ability to connect immediately to your true hearts desire and guide you through this journey is beyond any healer I have ever worked with. If you want to discover yourself in a totally new way I would highly recommend this course. It has really changed my life and I am deeply grateful to Emma for her gift of unconditional love and compassion.”


Florida, USA

“I highly recommend Emma Stow, she helped me to re-discover my wisdom, to remove the source of “the cloud” around me and find the reason for my anger, disappointment, unhappiness, blockages….. I can’t say how much I appreciate her work, wisdom and contact with me, I truly do.”


London, UK