February 2016

Get ready for the break through!

For many the beginning of the year has felt like being in an emotional pressure cooker or somewhere in a birth canal! It has also been a time of grief – either for the loss of loved ones, or grieving what is lost in your life, coming to terms with change. If this speaks for you, this full moon will bring some gentle relief.

The Aquarius month was also extraordinarily inspirational and Mercury in Aquarius is still bringing new solutions to old problems in inventive and unpredictable ways.

In the last week there has been a strong G2-class geomagnetic storm from high speed solar wind that we’re still ‘digesting’. These waves of solar energy can be tiring and emotional but they are distinctive global shifts.  And my sense is that this particular energetic surge is  a significant one for us. I was wondering how it would be after these years of the Pluto and Uranus square which has been active since 2010.  Now in 2016, these planets are moving out of each other’s influence and as they do 2016 seems to be shaping up as the real game changer. And the time on this planet you really wouldn’t want to miss.

Anyway it’s happening. You may be surprised to experience major or subtle break throughs in your life.   For example, that life sentence, that you had silently and unknowingly assumed is a life sentence…. turns out not to be! And I mean everything that you had written off as a lost cause in any area of your life – relationships, finances, work, health – may just surprise you by turning around.
There’s a certain generosity and humility, especially in the wake of past serial disappointments, to being able to acknowledge that somebody or something has changed, including yourself. That it doesn’t need to be like it has been and it won’t. That you can step up in any situation and sometimes the impossible can become possible. That a written off dead lock is actually shifting beyond what you could have expected.
And what simply hasn’t or can’t change yet, well you may just feel more at peace about it.
Even if these break throughs are happening in small, barely perceptible ways in your own life, with Uranus in Aries these personal break throughs have a greater significance.

After the last few years of intense incongruity between energetic transformation and physical reality, these are coming together and with that a new level of assurance, one that can only be gained from the honest depths of your heart.

This is actually a beautiful rewarding time opening the way to taking new crazy chances, to dreaming new dreams, to new realms of creativity that are possible, truly possible in this world.
At the very least it will feel easier to stay at the centre of your experience whether it is a full blown storm or a dream come true.

This time is one of surrender (Pisces) to your own wisdom and freedom, a surrender to your love sinking deeper into your cells. Sinking deeper into this Earth.
Like a loving embrace that has no end.

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