– Adjustments that are about the energetic integrity of ‘right relations’.
– Review of responsibility in relationships.
– Past commitments that have lived their course.

As everyone around you changes, what the relationship needs changes too.
Stepping in, stepping out. Where are you overly involved in someone else’s soul path?
Being there for them is not doing it for them. But being there for them makes all the difference.
You don’t need anyone to step into their soul path, or live according to your or even their values for you to honour your own agreement to do so.
Be it now, wait for no-one!! EVERYONE benefits (whether they know it or not).
Return to your own commitment to love, listen to how it is written in you.
It’s a beautiful dance of being met in this place, this love space. If you hold your ground there long enough, you will be met there…in subtle and magical ways – like a star becoming visible at the end of twilight.

Living in alignment to the laws of evolution bears fruits. Miraculously. Believe me, if you are in the underworld right now, your time will come (because seriously I myself have questioned at times whether it was worth it). In the mean-time the decision to do so is often awkward, clumsy, uncomfortable. That is growth and growth is life. And remember friends the only growth you get from being undermined, demeaned, humiliated, threatened, however it’s dressed up, is from withdrawing/walking away. And that is a special kind of growth.
Our truth, our rightful home is love, respect, emotional safety. This is simple but honestly has taken a huge amount for me personally (sometimes everything) to navigate my life to have this be the bottom line, unshakeable, non-negotiable foundation of my life.
So be it for all beings, as toxicity rises to the surface on the planet and healing gives way to freedom. Discernment is a gem often gained the hard way.

At this Pisces time of year, enjoy dwelling in the deepest part of you, when everything is re-adjusting internally, a time to reflect, assess and resolve before Aries when it’s action time.  The last new Moon has triggered some deep healing both emotionally and physically in many of us.
At this time we’re tying things up from the past to give us more freedom for the next chapter.
What’s opening out is a sense of service through freedom and authenticity and a deeper sense of that, like it’s just something that needs to be lived instead of sought after. Trust your footsteps taking a different path, the path that matches your life force, not depletes it. Let your wholeness show you the way.
Solar energy has been flooding to Earth from a huge coronal hole on the Sun and also from a solar flare on the 8th March, in case you have been feeling it. I always experience these solar influxes as cellular upgrades.
And this is quite an interesting turning point where you may finally get some new strength in that achilles heal, some vision in that blind spot, a solution for that life long problem, aliment or addiction. Real embodied change is possible.
The current planetary line up doesn’t necessarily deliver clarity, with all the Pisces and Neptune and mercury retrograde in Pisces, but some pearls of healing, creativity and wisdom are worth diving for at the ocean floor of your dreams.