Amidst the energetic intensity of a geomagnetic storm colliding with Earth’s shadow being cast on the moon
make an island of peace and listen and see what no-one but you can see.
Because this is a dreaming moon.
After all, all that is now manifested was once only a vision. And what would happen if you invited your heart’s truth, once again, into this Earthly reality.

On the 22nd of May there were 12 solar flares in 24 hours resulting in a predicted geomagnetic storm right in time for the lunar eclipse on Wednesday. This is powerful energy and a time for great gentleness as full moons are emotive anyway and eclipsed ones even more so. In fact I would approach the whole month especially the next 2 weeks with great care for yourself and others and extra understanding because of the amount of photons and change we’ll be digesting!

Again something for you in these changing times.

Step gently free from who you were then, and trust who you are becoming now.