Hi friends, this post is about the most definitive astrological aspect of 2021 – Saturn square Uranus.
After the ‘break down’ of 2020 with the planetary line up in Capricorn, this year Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus puts the focus on – how we are going to WORK differently now. Saturn is work, responsibility, accountability, karma, growth through struggle/obstacles. And with Uranus there in a square with Saturn, the way we work has to change and you can see this as being one of the areas most transforming in our culture at this time resulting in:

Saturn’s recent retrograde will ask us to review the themes that have come up so far since February.
Saturn is in Aquarius – the sign of groups, friendships, alliances and ideals and can bring about reviewed and renewed belonging especially relating to values.
It can be a time of moving on from a group you were committed to, and not knowing where you now belong. And then suddenly meeting new friends and new groups which share your values more.
New people come into your life that really shake things up or raise the bar or act as catalysers in our lives as Uranus brings transformative encounters that are like energetic sign posts – strong and clear and direct like Uranus saying – ‘this is the way forward now’. Often after meeting these people it feels like there’s no turning back.

Uranus often brings about sudden changes. And as it is in Taurus is can be related to money, property, resources. Looking at the overall theme of this I would boil it down to placing your values at the heart of your reality, rebuilding your reality from your values. Uranus in Taurus will demand that you take your values and what you value and TRUE value seriously. Essentially knowing your own intrinsic value and worth independent of your material worth/achievements. If you’re feeling estranged from your values as what you have built in your life has distanced you from them, this is the time you will return to THEM. It is also a return to natural rhythms, to your body’s rhythms and senses and to natures timing ‘for everything there is a season’. You can’t hurry nature. It grows when it’s ready. It lives and dies when it’s ready…
As always with Uranus beware of overly rash decisions and choices. Especially with the square with Saturn. Grace can ease the potential extremity of these upheavals especially in the area of work, property, money and friendships. And more than any other time, this year, patience will go a very long way.

The good thing about this square aspect is that solutions to seemingly unsolvable and extremely cumbersome problems can appear suddenly out of nowhere when we stop pushing and also overly burdening ourselves with a difficulty which may need us to step back and let Uranus work its magic. Let the universe respond when you have played your part. Try it out – seriously watch that space! (This of course is all part of removing our ego’s attachment to martyrdom). You can live up to your responsibilities without harming yourself in the process. You can live up to every responsibility without losing yourself in the process. You can live up to every responsibility whilst thriving in the process.
Are you overly responsibly for what you’re not responsible for and underly responsible for what you are responsible for?

What, ultimately is your responsibility in this life? (Saturn square Uranus questions)