What I’ve noticed is that many Soul workers/ those of us here in service, (myself included), have over the years been making silent (or even public) decisions and intimate agreements with their Soul and God and agreements to honour their Soul path and be supported in that way and have made, articulated and committed to declarations of letting go of everything holding them back. When that bundle is eventually delivered because it will be because we’re not rehearsing at being universal creators, this is IT and intentions and prayers are answered – and when that is delivered, our lives REALLY CHANGE.

‘You mean God, I really am God?’ ‘Er yes’ God says back to you! ‘How many times do we have to..’

Stepping up in wholeness involves navigating the aftermath of when the reality of those prayers/intentions being answered kicks in. And we get to actually live as universal creators. The next level of change that 2020 is delivering is going to impact our relationships and friendships. Because we are changing so much on a personal level. Look Saturn and Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn people, then Jupiter conjunct Saturn later in the year – these are heavy weight planetary change makers, as are cosmic rays from outside the solar system flooding into the Earth because of solar minimum, this is cosmic radiation that we are not so familiar with that brings cellular transformation and of course the global pandemic.  This is the greatest change any of us have experienced on the planet and we’re all impacted by this in a very personal way and as a result arriving at many different crossroads – personal, relational, communal and global. Everyone it at different places with this and these energies so let’s let everyone have their experience and journey of empowerment – some we will share the next part of the path with, and some we won’t.

Venus Retrograde (13th May til June 25th) – HOW YOU RELATE UNDER REVIEW (THE MICROSCOPE)
After the focus being on Self development (especially with Uranus in Aries from 2010-2019) It’s evolving now to relational development – (Uranus now in Taurus (2019-2026) ruled by Venus) but especially now with Venus in retrograde until 25th June. At this time our relating nature does some catching up with the consciousness we’ve nurtured and established for our Selves. And it’s something to retrieve our relationship nature from the ancient history of co-dependency, addiction, control and illusion. Really something. I mean a whole new skill.
We’re all writing this new script through cellular memory so it’s an exciting and gently courageous time when this really can take shape on the planet. Birthed through our blind but deepest knowing of love.  It’s never what we thought it would look like but it’s everything we knew it could be and often even MORE. And obviously it’s a mixed bag to step into new realms of love reality and to also say goodbye to some people we really care about if that’s what’s showing up. Neptune in this mix can bring about a fair few disappointments.
The beauty of the healing of our hearts which is one of the deepest offerings of the moment with nature rising to support us, helps us to trust the timing of people coming into and out of  our lives as we change, as they change and as the world changes.

Breathe through it, trust through it. Let Grace IN.

This stepping up in wholeness opens up a new level of grace, but there’s still plenty in the world that can match that in terms of distraction and divisiveness so yes, stepping up in wholeness is still stepping up. But it’s more about tending an island of love and learning from that HOW to do it than launching any campaign unless you’re guided to do that. With so many planets in retrograde its ok to nurture whatever is growing in a tender place.  We have to feel our way with this with our heart as our guide, especially as many of the spiritual teachings will be obsolete in the new world we’re entering. That’s is because ONLY the heart and Soul know how to navigate through this next phase on Earth. That’s why most of you have worked so hard on your own healing to date and been so tested over the years. Because what this world needs is people that can hold love in a crisis and you can. And if you can’t right now then you can heal. There is freedom in both. And it feels fairly miraculous to me that this freedom comes through even stronger at this time.

Nature is rising up to teach us, Heart is holding us, so we are safe to heal and trust deeper how much we are supported and Soul is loving us through eternity giving us more freedom than we ever dreamed.

Here’s to holding love and healing in a crisis. I celebrate you!