Love and support to you all as you navigate these unprecedented times.

The impact of the virus feels like it’s bringing about one of the most potent shifts I’ve experienced so far on the planet. Mainly because it affects ALL OF US so we are united around the world through our biological susceptibility to it – our very humanity. And THIS will bring with it some real and lasting changes to the global political and economic structures.

Dear friends this virus is real and staying in at this time and observing viral hygiene can help support people that are vulnerable and also our medical services. Please make the effort to slow the spread down. So much gratitude and love to the doctors and nurses as they work around the clock in different countries around the world. And to all those that are suffering directly and to their loved ones.

All of you have everything to TRUST about your ability to face this. WE are up to this. This crisis is a key moment in humanity’s liberation. If you can feel underneath the fear, there is something so beautiful emerging through this.

It’s interesting that this global re-set comes from people and families spending time together at home, spending time in the environment that surrounds them. Not flying round the world, but staying put, replacing busyness with –  being still – on Mother Earth – TOGETHER.

Mother Earth’s voice will be heard.

And I know there are some very real challenges to accommodating the changes to our daily lives and businesses and livelihoods affected.  Love to everyone living through this!
This is going to connect us around the world in a deeper way.
There is a lot of fear circulating but also genuine care – because in the face of this we are taken back to what matters most.

Each other.

With renewed appreciation of another day, of life and of US.