Tis the season to see
Wipe the slate clean
Divest all energies
From what keeps us asleep
Because your participation
No longer depends on survival
But on sharing your humanity

If humanity becomes what it
Was intended to be
It starts with you because
You know who we are and you know genesis
Knowledge beyond the mind’s reach
You know how to see
How to accept this opportunity
It matters
Don’t let its subtlety be drowned out in the noise
Listen harder
This song will be sung long after
The din turns to silence

Your song is needed here
There may be no applause but
Your note is a key tone in the renewal symphony.
As Earth turns to
Match her original blue print,
Ignited in all our bodies,
Brought to life by love
Carried through death by love
Love ever present, patient and undemanding
Just waiting for us to notice.
Learning how to live by the laws of love
Encoded in the Earth plane
Let’s have the courage to be that much,
All of it, all of us.
In whatever clumsy form we take
Because perfection is no-one’s guide,
Commitment is.
Perfection is in every single mistake made on this path
And in the spirit of playfulness, togetherness
Innovation and full presentness,

Let’s be faithful to what
We see in this

Aquarian dream.