The end of the astrological year when the sun is in Pisces is a time of profound revelations. A loving space of truth, and a time of dreaming in the coming year. A time of tying up all the loose ends, of completion, the ending before the March Equinox beginning.
It’s when we sit with everything we’ve been through since last year’s March Equinox which has been a lot! And with this, there’s a kind of process of digestion, of making peace, of listening to the larger cosmic themes, of healing our hearts and our bodies. And of letting go of, releasing anything from this year that we won’t be taking with us into the next solar cycle. Pisces is associated with surrendering.
This is a time of really going in and coming to know yourself in a new way. Of deep awareness of the subtle dynamics that may have held you back or that you have outgrown. This new awareness, which isn’t always comfortable shows us to shift our focus. And as there are 4 planets in Capricorn, this itself takes a level of concerted choice, of owning the freedom offered to us through this awareness. ‘I choose…x’ and listening to what needs to change in the light of that commitment. Fundamentally this Pisces season is all deep internal realignment.

As I mentioned in the last mail out about the Saturn/Pluto conjunction and then with Mars and Jupiter joining in in Capricorn it’s a kind of karmic reckoning and potentially one of the most liberating moments in our lifetime. If you have tried many times before to change self destructive/sabotaging tendencies like addictions, distractions, or self defeating habits and have fallen back into them, this can be the time when you do turn it around through a combination of resolve, accountability, a deeper understanding of yourself and a stronger level of trust. All these planets in Earth signs give us the chance to make real change happen. Real change does happen and is there for you too. Take charge.  This year things can fall into place for you in a new way. Let it all work out for you. Let it work out for you…

You may have noticed how triggering this combination of planets can be.  Beware of conflicts especially around the Equinox when Mars comes to join Pluto. These are really potent energies relating to collective fear – have respect and take heed intuitively where you should physically and energetically be, stay grounded.

Please avoid point scoring or ego battles. We’re going to need a whole heap of extra maturity and divine trust throughout 2020. It’s important that we face what’s surfacing on the planet to honour the truth and for our collective healing (and you need a strong stomach for that.) But be careful not to be distracted from what you are here to share with the world with toxic entanglements. Use your willpower (not force) to steer away from them. Energetically your embodied, authentic presence here is the antidote to all that. Feel it. Remember it. Make space for it. Trust deeper in the subtle vision, and the dreams and visions that is present here in Pisces.

And be careful the drama doesn’t distract you from one of the most beautiful moments in the year. Moon opposite Neptune and the Sun in Pisces on the full Moon on the 9th March.

I am so glad you’re here.

With love