So here we are at the mid point of the solar calendar – the June solstice – tomorrow the 20th followed immediately by a solar eclipse (new moon) on the 21st.
The solstice and an eclipse coming together in 2020 marks a definitive ending point on the planet and a definitive beginning. Especially as the solstices are already the times when the magnetic field of Earth is reset during the 3 days of her turning the corner on her journey around the Sun.
It is a sacred time, because the relationship between the Sun and the Earth is honoured in those days. Like a marriage, a new sacred agreement, a new acknowledgement following a time when both have changed and in those 3 days both work out a way forward for the next 6 months which is exchanged through the sunlight and the Earth’s magnetic field. The Sun literally speaks at the solstices if you listen!

There are 5 planets in retrograde this solstice which combined put the focus on the past and review:
review of knowledge (mercury), review of relationships (venus), review of work and responsibility (Saturn), review of beliefs/ethics (Jupiter) and power (Pluto) and because this is all framed with the Jupiter Pluto conjunction it speaks of death and rebirth coming from ‘looking back’.  Cancer where this solar eclipse is, is also the sign of the past, of our ancestry.  What lies at the foundation of our civilization. What lies at our own personal foundations. What have we build our lives on.
In this historical window of reckoning and restoration,
the opportunity is that instead of fitting our humanity into a culture/civilization that simply doesn’t reflect or do justice to our nature which for a long time has felt like the only option, now we have a say on how the next phase of civilisation evolves. Essentially an opportunity to put in place foundations that are truly representative of who we are.

In the same way that what was put in place centuries ago is now coming to light, what is put in place at this time will have the same longevity. That is because the alignment of planets in Capricorn seal it into manifestation. That is why this is a powerful opportunity on Earth and why it is constantly worth returning to –

the original source.

The solar eclipse taking place at 0 degrees Cancer – the original bond of love between the life bearer/life giver and the one born through her.  The original bond of love. The mother.

The rebirth on Earth starts from there. Because ultimately it is where we come from and where we will return.

Thanks for your part in making love our collective legacy through this upheaval. May the human laws on Earth reflect more the laws of life and, in the meantime until this is the manifested reality for all beings, may we never lose sight of the what truly exists between us. Human to human.