self-worth is not won, self-love is not won – we are already enough and that is our starting place and returning place – the foundations of what we are building here.

Things come and go in the inhaling and exhaling of time but the soul’s truth is constant, a feeling of home deep within it all, untouched by circumstance.

The astrological chart of the solstice is tense with clashing energies (4 squares aspects) also involving the moon in Scorpio which adds emotional charge and anger because mars is square the moon too. Balance to the tension is in the sun in Cancer forming a harmonious trine aspect to jupiter in Pisces. I recommend being around water or in water to balance and restore your peace if you’re around anger or if that is surfacing in you for acknowledgement.
The emotional depths of this solstice will bring profound changes, new resolve in your heart, shifts of course in your life.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of clarity yet, mercury is still retrograde until 1st July.

There’s a key retrieved during this Solstice that can change the whole game for you. Connecting your heart and soul to your physical existence in a powerful new way if you let it. Of course it may challenge what you have established to date and your way of doing things but you are now ready to take that step.

And as the Sun moves into cancer it is CARE that allows the changes to take place, care that ensures growth, care that allows sadness to be acknowledged in this time of definitive endings and beginnings, it is care that midwifes us all into wholeness.

Let the new awareness of this Solstice rise up from the depth of your cells, like a spring rises to the surface of the land and let love show you the way, even if right now it’s not clear, in your heart it is, let the fire speak, let the fire be.

Happy Solstice!

Love and freedom