I can’t remember the last time I live through a Mars square Saturn transit that has lasted as long as 5 months. And I certainly haven’t lived through a line up like Jupiter Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn square Mars in Aries. I have been asking my self,
why would we have such a long period of intense energetic pressure focused on the planet at this time?  Capricorn represents the most deeply embedded structures and traditions – the ‘authorities’, and Mars in Aries is firey and impulsive. I obviously don’t need to spell out the tension of these aspects and how they are playing out.

When looking into my own feelings I became aware of the fear of the scale of the changes taking place within me and in the world, and that when I could meet these changes as they are and let go of expectations of what I had hoped to see in the world and in others by this time I could more easily stay present with this shifting reality.

I know many of us have worked hard in different ways, also internally and energetically in the hope of seeing certain changes on the planet. To be honest I wouldn’t have too many expectations around anything in the next 6 months.

Remember that whatever we are seeing now is not the end of the story. With Pluto transits there is a stage of chaos, where it’s pretty much just turmoil, a crisis zone and in that zone nothing much really makes sense because it’s the disintegration phase like when the caterpillar is physically broken down in the cocoon to reassemble in a different form. All there is to know is that there is something on the other side of this and there is. And that knowing, that faith IS the foundation of what is constructed on the other side. When it’s time to build again.

Mars square Saturn and Pluto will throw us deeply into the theme of control, as in highlight what you absolutely have no control over. The basic energy of this aspect is obstacles, delay, disappointment and frustration – but if we can meet resistance without defeat, something is forged in this kind of intense pressure that is ultimately liberating.  A whole new depth of human spirit is certainly required to meet this. But that is why you have had such a spiritual fast track training in the last 7 years. Ever wonder what it was for?
Much of the planetary shift is out of our hands yet we all have a key part to play. Keeping our focus on ‘the part we play’ is important even though that part may well be changing, even how we serve has to be reviewed when people’s realities are changing so fast. Everything is up in the air. Please don’t doubt yourself, you are here for this.

Should we be faced with ‘there is nothing I can do’ for this person/situation, we will find again and again that even when we can do nothing we CAN ALWAYS LOVE. And what the soul shows us is that love is more powerful than the mind can ever understand and often those we love can understand.

The soul is not affected by the turmoil of man and womankind. It is not dimmed by these circumstances nor any planetary changes, as it is energetically self sufficient, whole in the reality of its own endless glory and always waiting to be heard.

You are the light of the world.

May you be held in love, peace, compassion and as the Earth enters this next deep phase of becoming.