Breathe into the change
Breathe into the possibilities
Breathe into the word made flesh
Breathe into the vision made flesh
Breathe into the love made flesh

Life will respond to our heart felt intentions, to our sincere motives so if we genuinely want to be healed or whole or sovereign or at peace or whatever we sincerely want – life will show us the way if we are listening. Because God/Source/SOUL wants us to know joy, to know our SELF, to know this truth.
The movements of the solar system are set up for that, life in our galaxy is set up for that, our body is set up for that. Why does it have to be a discipline simply to not go against the grain? (note to self!)
But, and this is a Capricorn theme – it won’t always be on our terms, it won’t always feel comfortable to change, it will feel vulnerable and it will be hard, it will take courage, some great courage and fortitude. But it will never take force or disrespect and it won’t take self sacrifice. It will take honesty. But that’s how we learn what real substance we have and also how to win our own respect. Inner peace is made of this. And we can face any kind of difficulty with inner peace. That’s the point – it is our resilience.

Also you simply will not do it all on your own. This is a relational universe. We are given insights into our soul’s calling which can seem overwhelming and terrifying but the remarkable feats we are all capable of are not accomplished alone. They are the product of a collaboration – with the Earth, with our soul, with our body, with nature, with animals, with the stars, with all kinds of divine support and of course with other humans. It’s different for all of us. But what I’m saying is that the love is there for you, the support is there for you to walk your path.
You are not alone. Look where support is being offered to you and accept it.

We are a meeting point of heavenly forces longing to support us. That’s why I focus so much on Soul and Earth connection so people can experience that directly. This sacred relationship is our power.

Those of us who know this humanity for ourselves will continue to make this a reality for others through the seed of our choice energetically sown on the Earthly plane and through the acceptance of the challenge, privilege and liberation of Selfhood.
Who knows what tomorrow will bring and astrologically we have some more unpredictable months ahead but today what I know is that I’m so glad to be here to see this time on Earth and I’m so glad you’re here too.