Can you just be with the brokenness of the world
Not rushing at solutions when there are none
Can you just be with the pain of the world
Can you just be with a crisis that doesn’t have a quick fix or a certain outcome.

Can you just be with how it is
And wait for a way forward to show itself as it will, in time and in the meantime…

You don’t have to be ok for me to value you or love you
I’m with you for as long as it takes ( Addressed to grief, to self, to others, to the world)

Can you be with the emergence of a new way of living
That chooses the rhythm of your body, the rhythm of nature
Can you be with this too, BE with it all, take it all in
You don’t have to escape the light in this either
All that’s going to happen is that you’re going to change.

We don’t have to know what to do right now other than
to be PRESENT.
Present with the world
Present with each other
Present with our selves

From presence we will find our way.