Saturn and Pluto came into an exact conjunction on 12th January 2020 with the Sun and Mercury. This is a key date in the destiny of Earth in her journey of rebirth that we are sharing and a much anticipated line up of planets.
Saturn and Pluto have been in and out of each others sphere of influence over this past year so you will already be familiar with the deal with these 2 with what has surfaced personally and globally. Though the conjunction is exact on Sunday with Mercury and the Sun in the mix the planets will still be in a conjunction until the end of the year.
They are pivotal, themes that span generations and lifetimes. It’s a moment of serious karmic culmination, with missing pieces of the jigsaw coming to light. Everything unresolved for generations and lifetimes surfacing to be addressed on the personal and collective. Especially to do with relationships and power.  Corruption coming to light, hidden power dynamics or sudden but deep disappointments force us to decisively reorientate ourselves in work and relationships. We are here to be part of creating a world free from this –   some of the results of our work will be seen in this lifetime and some won’t because what we sow over these years will span generations and are for those who coming after us. Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn signifies longevity. Just like we are facing the consequences of and reviewing now what was put in place on this planet centuries ago!

Fundamentally I’m experiencing it as taking back our spiritual power over lifetimes, (main theme of the last decade) an intense period of soul retrieval that comes from both painful or difficult tests but also from ‘gifts from heaven’. Because new love in a variety of different forms WILL come into your life and through THAT everything will make sense.
This is where we start to see real results for what we have committed to and worked for in the long term.
And possibly the actual manifestation of what previously was a vision, a dream. With all these planets in Capricorn it is about how we now support our soul’s vision in manifestation.

This is a break through, it’s when all the difficult lessons coalesce into something workable, when this knowing gained from experience comes together in some kind of tangible expression, this is the time when it all can start making sense. And I say this not without acknowledging the chaos of this time on the planet but with the awareness that I am writing to you and your path is incomparable.  This is when you come into your own on your unique soul path on the Earthly plane. It’s been a very long time coming.

This pivotal time on the planet shows us with new clarity how the foundations of our culture matter, what principles they have been built on and what they are supporting. And all these planets in Earth signs will bring it all back down to Earth. It’s a good time to stay close to Her. To listen and to remember and support the divine plan for life here as life guides us powerfully back to the laws of original creation. In Her way, in Her time.

With love