I recently returned from a pilgrimage of the Michael and Mary ley lines across the UK from the South East to South West coast as part of ‘The Wisdom Keepers’ collective which I am so honoured to have been part of. It was a group of spiritual teachers and wisdom keepers from all different parts of the world – Equador, Austrialia, Hawaii, Japan, Canada, South Africa and the USA and involved attending several events along the way including the opening of the Glastonbury Festival. Having worked mostly solitarily, it was incredible to join forces with others from around the world in a sacred way. We were from such different backgrounds and practises but regardless of lineage, faith, approach, if someone comes from the heart, there is always a meeting point and the language IS global. There is something so right about collaborating in this way and I am proud to have been part of a global collaboration that genuinely achieved that, and the potential for what can grow through that was evident and deeply humbling. I also enjoyed leaning more about my own country  –  one of my personal highlights of the trip was guiding the wisdom keepers on a walk to Glastonbury, the land that has been such a central part of my life for the last 12 years.
One of the main themes that emerged during the pilgrimage but also during the eclipse season was the healing of the relationship between the masculine and feminine on ALL different levels – culturally, relationally, ancestrally and the retrieval of respectful relating from the distortions and misuses of power and misunderstanding of love in this dynamic.
Re-establishing respect and equality as how we relate and learning to actually interact like that will continue to be a theme this year and especially up until the next new moon marking the end of the eclipse season.
I have felt a remarkable energetic breakthough on the planet since May the 1st which for me felt like a moment where more SOUL had been established on the Earth plane, marking a new era and momentum for human emergence. You may have felt yourself called in someway to step up as a result of that. It’s certainly not vacation time for soul workers but it is OUR time, the time when we get a chance to operate through experience and love combined. Or you’ll find that everything you’ve been through finally makes sense as the training you had to undergo for what you are now called to do. A calling that you may still not yet understand but that somehow requires all of you and is the perfect match for you.
So here is a list of my 2019 breakthrough questions, see if any resonate…
Have you faced some of your worst fears but also experienced some of your life’s greatest breakthroughs?
Have you spoken or shown up in truth only to have had a reasonable response for a change? Instead of the predictable reactions you formerly triggered in others.
Have you experienced the predictable reactive reactions but now find peace in it?
Have you experienced a break through that confirms your deepest truth that your life can be as you dream it?
Have you experienced a break through that makes you question your judgement of others of different beliefs and life choices?
Have you noticed that it really doesn’t get easier but your ability to meet life does. Where formerly you have been excluded, misunderstood etc, you now have tangible results for doing ‘the work’ (meaning the healing and the emotional honesty) and can see that the choices based on self respect ARE worth it and the commitment to being sovereign does bare fruit.
Have you been humbled by another’s love, another’s heart, another’s truth, touched so deeply that it changes your life?
Do you know yourself better? Do you like yourself better?
Has the vision of your life and the world become clearer?
Have you made peace with the scale of transformation that is now the norm?I’ll be getting back into the Star Soul Reports soon but wanted to share the exciting upcoming events for the rest of the year with you right away and hope through my various travels to spend more time with you in person.

With love