Main themes of the next month

*Crash course in boundaries
*The journey of service from martyr to divine creator thriving on Earth with Earth.
*Laying the foundations of this new reality through the original relationships and wholeness.

As we face the end of 2020, Saturn and Jupiter spending their last few weeks in Capricorn before they come together at 0 degrees Aquarius on the Solstice,  it feels like a crash course in boundaries and various closures and karmic completions. Bearing in mind that the majority of relating (from most of our cultures reading this) has traditionally had little real awareness of boundaries this is a powerful reckoning to clear the decks for a liberated move forward.

Every piece of your soul you reclaim from redefining your boundaries is like the missing piece of the jigsaw that makes up your sovereignty and shows you how to support your freedom. This is like the refined energetic mechanics of soul retrieval. (Capricorn is like the nuts and bolts, the structural, the container).

Boundaries is how we become the grail, the container that holds love. Because love needs to be held. Whatever can hold love has to be strong. But that strength is not force, it’s the awareness to act or change or respond when necessary to ensure that boundaries are appropriately in place. I personally find this quite a delicate balancing act, because boundaries are often totally alien to the ego and can only be gauged through our feelings and our senses. The love (and the sacred) is the guide to how it needs to be held in YOU the holy vessel. The holy vessel of love.

Sovereignty is a process of trusting yourself to face your life just as you are. Seeing how you are perfectly designed to do so, regardless of how it feels.

Support – receiving support is an important part of dismantling the martyrdom programme many of us have quite strongly. That support could be from people or from God/Source/Creator or your soul. Ask. Ask. Ask. We are not designed to take this journey alone.

I often forget how powerful and transformational this is. Let the divine do its job! And you do yours. And don’t expect the divine to do your job for you! (I’m saying this because in the past I was asking and asking for help and couldn’t understand why it wasn’t coming but it was actually my job to ‘do’ that and at other times have been forging wearily on some monumental mission that I was guided to fulfil thinking that was my job to fulfil it alone when the divine was waiting there to step in! If I only noticed, if I only connected, if I only asked.

Often the soul’s guidance and vision feels overwhelming in its scale until we realise we don’t have to accomplish it all alone.
This is a love relationship, your relationship with your soul, with God/Source. A true love relationship. Can that be the living foundation of your life from now on?

Know this love. Feel this love. Return again and again to this love.

Knowing ourselves as the divine creators we are and claiming our divine nature makes all the difference at a time when the energetic changes on Earth powerfully align us deeper to THIS reality. Somehow this sanctity will be restored. It can be no other way. But even for us this is a steep learning curve and there are some really potent and testing lessons arising with no obvious outcomes.
That’s why staying close to the Earth is so important. As it’s through these greater relationships that many of these solutions arrive – and this is really the heart of what it means to move into the Aquarian age where life is collaborative.

A lot of this year is about coming back down to Earth ( most of the outer planets in Earth signs) and starting out again from there.
To the foundations of our relationship to Earth and to life here.

A time where we return and rebuild things from the original alignment, original relationship, original wholeness.

You can be wholly aware of the chaos playing out in the world
but please don’t be distracted from what is going on at the deeper levels on this planet because it’s truly a remarkable time and you do not want to miss this! New life is rising on Earth as she releases centuries of toxicity from her body. And all the incoming galactic energies are supporting these changes.and her liberation. Earth has a new emerging presence and voice and so wants you to experience it with her and hear her.

Love and support and reverence to you all