Post from January 2015

So here we go, 2015!  – a whole new chapter in the great era of transformation. I like to think of it as – ‘the year of freedom’ partly because of some incredible celestial alignments coming up that have freedom written all over them.
2015 is the last year that we will experience the ground breaking Uranus Pluto contact that has been shaking things up so powerfully since 2012. Though the influence of this aspect extends into 2016, the last time it will be exact is in March 2015. Between now and then we are clearing the decks energetically speaking for a powerful new beginning. Which is why life has felt so extreme, particularly round the New Year. Personally I have found living over the last few months to be humbling, painful and disorientating but also exciting, hopeful and empowering. It’s like the pendulum of duality is past swinging and is now just spinning! And when you really connect to the changes taking place within our lives, the scale of transformation is astounding.
The date that really stands out this year is the March Equinox. It is not only directly contacting the planet Uranus, the planet of awakening and sudden transformation but there is also a solar eclipse on the same day!  All these aspects focusing on the equinox signal a powerful start to a new cycle. And to celebrate this I’m running a retreat in Florida (see below for more details).  This Equinox is a kind of closure to the cycle we’ve been in since 2012. And yes it will be different.
I’m not saying the world is going to change dramatically in 2015, but you certainly will and as you are ‘the way, the truth and the light’ it makes sense that you go first.

Your authentic response to life at this time, whatever if is, and the acknowledgement of the feelings in your body – be they pain or joy or anything else in between – is the honest experience that is taking you deeper into the heart of your own life and guiding you into a new reality.
We are finding our feet in the centre of this great change, this process of spiritual empowerment as we reunite ourselves with the divine in ALL its expressions in our inner and outer world.

Freedom defines the very essence of our nature and 2015 presents us with new ways to live it. Regardless of how things look at the moment you can trust the process. The best is yet to come!