Sometimes soul living is as effortless as a breath, as gracious as a blooming flower, other times it’s an ungainly stretch of our abilities. Let’s trust the seasons and what they bring.
May all that we have lost remind us of what counts and may we accept the freedom and focus that comes from that loss. And may we celebrate and cherish and be grateful for all we have gained and continue to hold our sights as high or as true as our imagination and inner sight. On the new beginning that awaits us all at the dawn of this new year, let’s shift our focus from what we have done wrong, to what we have achieved, acknowledge the secret accomplishments that only us and your soul know about. Renewal starts there. Let’s use our divine birthright of having a choice to bring our life into alignment with our soul’s vision time and time again.

It’s not about getting it right, it’s about giving it your best shot and failure is part of it as is success. It’s about listening and serving the life in you which is the life in us all and that path is never predictable.

Release the judgement of yourself and others. Your precious energy and life force deserves better. Standing up to injustice is enough, we don’t have to identify with conflict. We’re weaving templates of love from scratch, giving ourselves free reign to be, to take a chance on our humanity and creativity and ability and on our relationship with life itself. We know what we signed up for and what we signed up for is incomparable with anyone else but returning to that memory, even if it’s just a distant and undefinable feeling, brings peace and inspiration.

May we continue to honour our hearts as we walk on this Earth as truth.

Thank you to all of you who attended Soul Rising in Glastonbury. It was my 9th year of running retreats. Thank you for making it such an unforgettable gathering.

Thanks to those of you that supported my London show LOVE SPACE by making donations and by attending. I really feel like it was my life’s work so far and was the most magical gathering of love and talent imaginable. Thanks also to the performers who are exceptional way showers of love each in their own unique way.

Thanks to the London poets for setting my world on fire. For showing me how to unashamedly share and express talent, to go the whole way with what you’ve got and to be real in service to igniting the fire in all.

Thanks to all of you that have had sessions with me. It continues to be such an honour to do this work.
And to all of you on my mailing list, thank you for your support and for reading.

You and me have another year before us!  It feels so good to share life on this planet with you. For everything we know and have been through we still don’t know what is in store for us.

May 2019 be the year you and life make divine magic together!

With love and celebration and freedom


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