The period between the Solstice and the Equinox has been a deeply cleansing time, many people have experienced illness and all kinds of physical and emotional releases and a whole host of soulful wake up calls as we enter even deeper levels of physical and energetic change in 2014. And now we are entering April, the month with one of the most powerful planetary line ups. This line up is called a grand cross and is made up of 4 planets in the astrological aspect known as a square. Squares generally feel like being pulled in different directions. On one level they manifest as the demands of our daily lives – work, relationships, parenthood, creativity and at the most essential level are experienced as the contradictory pulls of the personality and the soul(and we all know which one has the final say!) One part of our personality is also simply falling away as it was invested into a reality which is ending. Through this balancing between the soul and personality we find new levels of freedom to express ourselves or be ourselves(Aries).  During this window of time, life stops us in our tracks and holds up a mirror that can be alarming. There is a call to surrender to something much greater than the meaning you could immediately ascribe to the experience we’re having. The 4 planets that form the grand cross are in what is known as cardinal signs – the signs of initiation –  so the grand cross is a kind of initiation into a very different way of being human.   It’s a great time to listen, feel and experience as these new human qualities emerge.

The deep healing taking place in our hearts and in our bodies that allows us to release everything in our lives that doesn’t serve us from the cellular to the galactic call forth new levels of awareness and new ways of loving ourselves. Loving ourselves into health, loving ourselves into wholeness, loving ourselves into freedom. In fact handling this shift is a case of persistently restoring our attention to love in the thick of our own personal changes as we walk through this grand cross energetic gateway. We are undergoing tremendous physical transformation on a cellular level but we can trust and support the intelligence of our own heavenly bodies as they harmonise with the Sun and the Earth in this shift of magnificent proportions.

There are so many different ways that this time is being experienced – as the path that only you can walk reveals itself to you with more clarity and we are invited to walk it more boldly, more fearlessly more joyfully.  This is the meaning of Aries – the sign of individuation and action as we go out on a limb or strike out in a new direction.  Aries is ruled by Mars which is in the sign of Libra. This really means that at this time Mars’s driving force is for justice and equality. How we use this drive to establish equality in the most intimate part of our own lives is all part of creating a seamless flow between our inner and outer realities as we knock down the walls that separate these worlds from each other.

You are on the front line of spiritual empowerment and the focus that I see there is: giving our heart and soul to each moment of life just like children do, giving ourselves entirely to the honest reality of our present state,  whether it be illness, trials in jobs or relationships, creative break throughs or new possibilities. It is simply about honest engagement – not trying to change our present state of being or dress it up, but allowing it to flow into its next expression through whole hearted presence and the remembrance of our divinity within it.

Thank you for all that you are and know that your efforts and commitment at this time are recognized and appreciated. We are so lovingly connected through sharing this experience.