Take your creativity into every aspect of your life.
Make life itself your ultimate masterpiece.
There isn’t anyone out there who doesn’t have access to infinite reserves of creativity. Relax your brow, it doesn’t have to be hard for it to earn your approval, let your imagination get to work, and start to let your actions match it’s freedom!
If you are on a creative roll and find yourself facing the wall of fear and inertia or ‘what’s the point in trying’… Take a moment, breathe through it, and gently reconnect to the spark, that sees this as the next dance step, that sees this as the next melody or rhythm to sing to, that wonders what ingredients they can add to the mix to bring out the flavour, that takes pleasure in the process. That is set ablaze by the process!
This is how we ditch effort – effort for effort’s sake, as an approach. It’s not that we don’t need to work to make things happen but we can reach so much further if our imaginations take the lead.
We don’t need to meet obstacles with the same spirit with which they appear in our lives. We can invite the scope of our imagination to guide us through them and even through the most mundane activities in ways we never dreamed of (until now).

Life isn’t a labour of love, it is an art of love.

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