There have been 11 M-class solar flares since August 21!
That is a LOT of solar activity. As a result solar wind is streaming to Earth – so if you have been vibrating like a gong that’s been struck, so has your planet’s magnetic field!  You may experience this as feeling more tired and emotional, edgy, and aliments can flare up too. So if you are not as physically functional as usual remember you are integrating and transforming considerable amounts of solar energy!The consciousness of the Sun is guiding the energetic and physical changes taking place on Earth, completely regenerating the energetic fabric of our solar system. As a result a lot of the blocked energy on our planet and in us is releasing. In fact on a couple of days last week, energetically it felt to me like the scraping of the barrel. If you have been at a loss to know what to do or if it has been meltdown central in your world, please know you are not the only one! If you’re reading this, bear in mind that you’re in a better position than most to deal with this energetic intensity because you know there is meaning and purpose behind these changes regardless of the extent to which you are feeling them.

How I have been experiencing this personally and collectively is like reaching an impasse that has thrown up the areas in our lives where we cannot continue in the way that we have. You know how ‘stuff’ gets put on the backburner ‘to be addressed’ at a convenient time (usually quite unconsciously) while we focus on the ‘important’ and ‘serious matters’ at hand. But then all of a sudden it’s not on the back burner, it’s in your face and it is impassable. You know the ropes now, this is 2015! You can find yourself having to change course or solve problems even if there are no apparent alternative directions, or solutions. When one door closes another door opens, but it doesn’t always open right away and the mean time can look something like a dead end.

And then along comes a full Moon in Pisces that reminds us of the healing and creative side of this global shift.  Because of the intensity of the last 2 weeks you may naturally be at a point of surrender, and at that point the most delicate and refined vision opens up from the most vulnerable and beautiful part of yourself – if you take the time to listen and feel. Surrender to the current of your heart that is holding you through this shift. And simply breathe.

This is a time when real change is possible and the beauty of it is that unlike a lot of the more dramatic times this year, the nature of the change is peaceful, like honey dissolving in water, a flower opening, night becoming day, the wind changing direction. It is that natural. It doesn’t need anything from you to make it happen. It is emerging silently in your depths. It is the power that speaks in a whisper reminding you of possibilities you had never even dreamed of until now.
A new way for you to be.
And every single time life stops you in your tracks to insist that you give your attention to what you can no longer deny, avoid or overlook, you are being lovingly returned to the zero point in your heart.

The seat of all creation.