I’m still writing about the grand cross even though this alignment was exact a month ago because it continues to unfold especially since Mars went direct last week and really began letting off some steam that had been building up when it was retrograde! I personally felt the energy even more powerfully last week than at the end of April and this will continue into mid June.  Mars is in Libra – the sign of the scales, which really sums up 2014 so far – one big balancing act!
New strength is found in our continued willingness to access the part of ourselves we have to dig deep to find in order to meet in scale whatever presents itself in our lives during the grand experiences of the grand cross! Anything that presents itself now castes light on aspects of our selves that need seeing. Just so we can learn to be with it. Be with our self. Just as we are. We are the alchemists of the heart that continue to change our world through our honest response to life, the depth with which we can relate to it, and the will and heart to face any given situation. We find new resolve on the other side of fear or difficulty which proves to us that strength is not about muscle or pushing ourselves and others around but simply the choice to uphold love at the heart of our lives regardless how much others perceive it/acknowledge it or not.  It is through living through such intense shifts of our own reality that we come to know what our light is actually for! To be love, no matter whether it is reflected back to us or not. Everything that is ‘wrong’ with the world is not a reflection of what you are doing wrong, or a reflection that your truest intentions are in vain. It is in your heart that you know their value. Don’t be discouraged by what you see in the world. It is all worth it. Every single fleeting moment of your love is worth it, every second of your life is… worth it.

Yesterday’s new Moon in Gemini marks a new beginning in this extremely special chapter of 2014, a year of break throughs and surprises. At those times when you find peace in your heart, the current of life will take you to places you never dreamed possible, pushing your reality beyond the confines of your rational mind. It is in the subtleties, in the whispers of your soul that you will find your wings.

Gemini is the sign of communication, and the key for this month is speaking from the heart. Communicating the feelings that are in your heart, when life calls you to do so. Certain situations call for silence and others for communication which sometimes is the only means by which a relationship impasse can really be shifted.  Whether it is love or whether it is anger, an apology or whatever feelings are urging you to voice them – saying what is in your heart, without blame is one of the most personally liberating things you could ever do. In my experience the results are invariably surprising, whether those words are heard or not. The point is that your heart’s truth has been voiced and in the wake of that mighty sound – anything is possible.
Wtih love and in love

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