It’s been such a powerful build up to this mid summer/winter –  like walking on shaky ground. In many places that has literally been the case.
There have been a series of volcanic eruptions in the last month. In Hawaii, fountains and rivers of lava from Kaulea have been recreating the landscape there…fountains of lava!!!

In many ways it feels like learning to walk again on this Earth.

Over the solstice I felt like the energy was pouring down to the Earth’s core and that she is releasing from her body and so are we. Deeply entrenched habits or structures from the past are coming out of the muscles and tissues, from the physical substance of you, in case you have aches or pains and feel like you need to move your body differently.  Routines and standard practises are going to a get an overhaul with Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn.

The mid summer/winter brings light and physical matter to merge deeply and that union transforms both – more so the matter as it always transforms as a response to light – the eternal unfolding love of the Sun and the Earth each growing and evolving with and through each other – their love transforming both perpetually.

The love and the resulting transformation of this union is never questioned, it is how the transformation required for evolution directed by light but effected by the physical can take place.

They and we are held in this love to go beyond what is already known.

Evolution is love.
And love knows what to do.

On Thursday, the full moon is conjunct Saturn in Capricorn opposite Cancer which can trigger a lot of fear and discomfort especially relating to family dynamics or work/family dynamics and parenting.

The balance or medicine for this discomfort over the full moon is beauty and gentleness –

Like holding the scent of a rose in your hands.
Like being entrusted with a lover’s or a child’s vulnerability.
Like holding a new born baby.

We need to meet life like this too.
We can live up to and nurture and stand up for… innocence.

The most life changing and liberating choices come from here, even when no one else knows, sees or understands. It’s emotional maturity that means you don’t need them to. The divine knows what’s in your heart.

Thank you for LIVING. You being here counts, please stick with the process.

I love you

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