In the last week we’ve had a whole host of Coronal Mass Ejections on the Sun, Coronal holes streaming solar wind to Earth and active sunspots some of which have pulsed solar energy towards the Earth. The solar impact was even picked up as roaring sounds in short wave radios as electrons accelerated to high energies by the solar flares. So you can imagine the effect this has on us. As a result many people have felt light headed, tired, emotional, depressed and inspired and exhilarated and sometimes all of the above at once! Its like everything that makes us human gets to be lived simultaneously. This is what is means to experience ourselves as multidimensional.

Our magnetic field has been in an almost constant state of solar stimulation in the last week.  The transformation of the solar energy impacting the earth is physically transforming our cells and our DNA. The physical and energetic transformation takes place through us but it is far from a passive process. Living in these times does not feel predictable or controllable but we are still the masters of the process. These changes in a way force us to connect to our soul because well.. the soul knows.

We are currently swinging between the old paradigms and the new because the seeds are bursting into being of this new cycle gaining momentum since the spring Equinox as the old paradigms are playing themselves out and the 2 seem to relate less and less to each other. It could be that the freedom offered to you through these changes looks very different from what you had imagined or hoped but somewhere in there new possibilities can be heard in a whisper or a shout!

Let’s all have more courage to listen.

On top of all the Solar activity we have 2 eclipses one lunar eclipse today Friday 18th October at 11.02 (UT) which can be seen from the UK and another total eclipse of the Sun on the 3rd November.  These eclipses are a step up on our evolutionary journey. Eclipses can affect a collective destiny. And these eclipses are bringing some powerful revelations particularly the Solar eclipse.

Eclipses are triggers that bring formerly concealed areas of our life to our attention. And they provide triggers that accelerate  the process of transformation that we are undergoing.

Lunar eclipses can be pretty emotional. A bit like an exaggerated full Moon. Remember that you have everything that it takes to move through whatever you are facing. Whether it be ill health or personal crisis or even the most dazzling opportunity you never even dreamed of. Whole new aspects of yourself will be called into being. These 2 weeks are going to be a good old shake up that will take your life in a new direction.  Your path is not comparable now more than ever. And if you are suffering or in pain that is in no way a reflection of how evolved you are or not. This is simply your way of accessing freedom and yours will not look like anybody else’s. This cycle is a process of deep individuation to access wholeness.  To be more embodied, to shine brighter to live the new opportunities of your freedom.

And these eclipses will act like doorways to whole new dimensions of YOU!

Enjoy the ride. I’ll be back soon for more on the solar eclipse.

Love as always


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