I claim my energetic sovereignty which is my birth right. There is no need for me to compromise my energetic sovereignty, heart sovereignty or soul sovereignty for any reason or to justify any ends, to succeed or flourish in this life. I am whole. I respond and acknowledge my heart as the seat of my divinity as much when I am in pain, as much when I am in joy. I acknowledge every state of my being as divine and celebrate each breath as a new beginning in my life.
I whole heartedly trust life to take care of me whilst honouring the call of my soul. I create a space in my life where my soul can be felt and heard by me.
I hold my own ground of love. I walk the path of love and integrity, regardless of other’s opinions and disappointments even those I love. I continue walking regardless of misunderstanding. I have nothing to prove or explain. I do it for the love of it and for the thrill of being free as I know that to be the deepest service.
I renounce all victimhood, illusion and invite the cleansing and loving fire of truth to continue to transform me in the name of love, in the name of freedom.

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