Themes of Cancer
– reaching deeper within for stability to have more to give outside in the world. (The deeper the roots the taller the branches)
– Providing safety/sanctuary either to yourself or others.

Eclipse season has only just begun with last Friday’s potent and emotionally reactive solar eclipse in Cancer… we’ve got the lunar eclipse on  27th July (Leo/Aquarius) then another solar eclipse on 11th August (in Leo)

This eclipse season fells like a distinctive moment in the journey of our human rebirth – last Friday the eclipse in Cancer (birth) was opposite Pluto (rebirth).

Life can be pretty stark in showing us what we need to leave behind in our emotional attachments. On a deeper level this is to do with family and social conditioning – what we were taught love is, versus what it actually is, for example, it isn’t need or sacrifice at the expense of our health or our happiness.
This process of learning what love is and how to live by it (reclaiming love) is a great opportunity of our time.  And love is uncompromising, it can’t fit into your agenda or your desires or your fears, it cannot submit to control.  Love is the law, the terms of our existence, it’s about serving IT not negotiating or demanding, and following the course of love is always surprising and requires deep change from us, deep maturity as well.

So there can be a lot of letting go of the past on a deep level as well as great opportunities for a new kind of creative contribution as service.

And as a living being on this planet, just like a plant, the trajectory of our growth is encoded in our DNA, our body and our soul know the path of our growth, pulled by the Sun and other universal forces into the evolutionary flow. Align our consciousness and our heart to what is already written and trust our own transformation through this, our own emergence. Life is on our side.

We’re learning such a different way of doing things or new ways of being in the world. It’s magical as our ideas can take wing, people can appear out of nowhere in sync with our visions and purpose as we act and ‘get with’ the process of creation through alignment. And it’s also painful when we lose things and people through stepping into a new phase of growth.

2018 is an interesting time of bringing it all together, all our different ‘selves’ and talents and ideas, our past, present and future to meet the world with a new level of integrated authenticity.

Authenticity IS home and there’s always another step to claiming it, deepening in it.
Getting used to being authentic in the world, standing out, making waves, or making peace. Communicating and being in ways that reach people without even trying. Authentically relating.

Making peace with our destiny and the deal of us being here. My life is SO different from what I thought it would be. The point is often we are walking away from everything we’ve known, the life and reality we’ve known, continually required to change and be without the skins we’re continually shedding. To find out that our greatest opportunities and our greatest loves will bring our greatest growth and often greatest challenges. But look what a great fit we are for our time. Stop to wonder how right it is for us to be here now and that we’re all possibly coming into our own through this. Look we have signed up to this path and this IS the process of rebirth that is taking place on the planet right now. Take your place. These eclipses will offer you a deeper invitation into your destiny and highlight the next step in your energetic and creative contribution. It will always be about the balance between filling our cup and filling others – that’s called thriving, our birth right, and one that we share with our planet.

With love


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