Capricorn Full Moon 12 July 2014

What a powerful Full Moon! Deep breath everyone. A kind of avalanche of inexpressible feelings and energetic rebalancing.  The full Moon of Cancer/Capricorn can be quite a trip down memory lane in case you are reliving or re-viewing some aspects of your past. Long held misconceptions can come to light which bring new clarity to the present.
Over this time, circumstances may call you to uphold your moral authority through your conduct (Capricorn) and this can bring up some powerful emotions in you and others. This emotional response will completely transform you and will break you out of binds of false pretences or compromised communication, in order for you to uphold your deepest virtue at the heart of your experience. This will powerfully steer your life into more decisive directions that serve you and others on deeper levels.  In fact it will clear the way. What a relief!

The way I’ve experienced it personally has been ‘just because I’m spiritual doesn’t mean I’m a pushover!’. I was in a situation with someone where it would have been easy to let something that wasn’t particularly sound slip (I’m talking about the nature of our exchange here) simply because it wasn’t that big a deal, and also because the only person that was losing out was me and because there was an assumption taking place that I’m ‘too nice’ not to mind. But even though I felt petty and slightly authoritarian, it felt better to communicate my feelings in an effort to uphold my values right into the subtlest of all my interactions. Otherwise how else is the Universe really going to know what I stand for (every choice is a statement to the Universe) and how else am I going to learn how to stay in the heart whilst not tolerating questionable conduct! I came across this quote recently by Ram Dass that got me pondering this whole way of being:
‘There is a way in which you oppose somebody and you define boundaries and limits and you are even willing to lay your life on the line to stop them from doing something.   At the same moment, you don’t close your heart to them.’
Though I handled the whole business mentioned above fairly clumsily, the results were empowering, but most of all, through this experience, I trust myself more. And that feels good.

You could really sum up the theme of this full Moon (even the whole of this year) as ‘Facing the Music’.  Some of us have more clarity about the significance of this opportunity than others and so are in a better position to treasure it. Because we know it to be what is opening up the parameters of our humanity.  I love the expression – facing the music. In my imagination, I see us standing on a mountain top finding the courage to turn and face the music of the spheres, daring to listen to it as it truly is, and daring to sing along to it and then being demolished by the beauty of that sound.
Thanks for singing your song. Keep singing it!