Focus: finding our self worth amidst fear and inadequacy and  honouring our divinity in all fluctuating states of being.

You don’t have to feel good to be worthy, you don’t have to feel good to be divine. How you are right now is Godly.  Listen…

A kind of marriage between self love and deep accountability is available now which is so liberating. Feel that, the happy alliance between self love and accountability like the feminine and masculine meeting within. Let them find each other…

Saturn in Capricorn will force you to take stock of what it takes to make your dreams real. To take them seriously. You will face your resistance there right where the infinite perfection of the soul (where your vision emanates) meets the mess and chaos of the world of matter, where you take action to make it happen. Doing it counts and it is in taking action that the divine can support you and how your soul can flow into form. However imperfect that may feel. You deserve that adventure and so does the world. And just to say the intensity of this adventure is not something you get used to, well I certainly haven’t!

GIVE YOUR SELF A BREAK. With mercury retrograde it can be uncomfortable to face aspects of your past or see them in the light of the present. Being kind to yourself is what makes true accountability possible because self criticism keeps us in avoidance.
Reach deeper to find the love, the will, the self respect, the boldness, the appreciation of life, whatever it takes to support your Self at this time. (Aries likes boldness and Capricorn likes commitment). You have those qualities, and Mars and Saturn in Capricorn is about how we put our wisdom into action, taking those steps.

Choosing to be who you are, putting yourself on the line is an intense unpredictable ride, but that IS what life is when we choose to fully be here, with all our heart beating, with all our cells spinning and all our magnetic field sensing. The skill of living this way involves learning things like taking healthy self respectful risk, being yourself in public regardless of fear, being vulnerable enough to share what you love and care about with the world.  Discernment, choosing associations and structures that support you and what you stand for, commitment, boundaries, self care, and taking the action to make it happen are the skills that Saturn in Capricorn are helping us to acquire. And many of these things are only learnt through experience because this is all pretty pioneering as a way of Being.  So just in case you’re feeling deflated or defeated in the wake of rejection or burn out or your efforts have been thwarted,  let me remind you of the value of your choices, your ability to feel, to be vulnerable, to be honest, to actually take a chance on what matters most.

The future is born from your loving heart.

Your commitment to this path and the actions that you take based on your intuitive guidance make it real and are the seeds that you’re sowing for you and the world.


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