The grand cross which is exact on 23rd and 24th April this week is formed of the planets Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and Mars. I see it like standing at a cross roads. It can feel like being powerfully pulled in different directions.  You could feel it internally as a kind of tension or externally like being pulled between the signs these planets fall in – self expression (Aries), relationships (Libra) family (Cancer) or career (Capricicorn). At this cross roads however, there’s only one path that is calling your heart, it may be shouting or it may be whispering, but if you listen you will hear it. This week maybe the time to choose which path to take, choosing with the knowledge that it is the path of your heart so you can be free to walk it with conviction even if you haven’t got a clue where it’s heading!

These last few years have been interspersed with these kind of planetary alignments that are like evolutionary step ups and this is a significant one. Because the nature of this shift we’re undergoing in these years is an awakening to being part of a co-creative Universe, it helps to remember that there is a unique part that your soul has to play in this window of transformation. This grand cross will call you to a truer, more authentic expression of your self in your life. And the process of that path being made visible to you or opening out can give rise to fears such as whether you are up to it, if you’ve got what it takes, what changes this path might make to your life, what you could loose in the process etc, and on top of that, the usual distractions amp up to disperse your attention from simply being and listening to your heart.  But still the cross roads remains and so does the deep end just waiting for you to dive into it! And that’s what 2014 is all about AND where the deepest freedom and heart’s fulfillment lies. In letting go of everything…simply to be…yourself! Unapologetically you in the world, to set the world of fire by your presence as everything else falls away to reveal you to you – a living breathing Universe! And you adjust to new waves of sight and truth and light – this is a new experience of reality – of course we need to get our bearings as we reconcile ourselves to the essentials we are being stripped down to.