Here I am in the Great Unknown.
Finally trusting enough to let life grow.
My fears had motivated me to chase after goals
I thought would satisfy my soul.
But the world is not equipped to reflect your infinite true light
so why beg it for something it cannot give.
It is waiting for you to shine so it can grow in your light
like a flower in the springtime. 
I know and from that knowing
guide my life amidst fields of
I am the only one like me.
Fields of exclusion and idiosyncrasy.
And now, finding that my home
is that very differentness, I see
that it is not the tower I thought it to be
but treasure that is welcomed in its sharing,
as each ripple of life is experienced simultaneously by all
and that the real beauty, the real joy is in the connection.
As every star knows
how could anyone be irrelevant or separate from me,
as every star knows
how could anyone be more or less than me, 

what I can I give thee,
give my heart

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