Interesting that we’re living in a time where we’re having to forge our humanity from the inside. When we’re having to reach deep to find and access our true nature, where we sometimes need to use our will to do so, where we need to commit to it to find our worth independently from our environment or culture.
Interesting that we have to go against the tide to be enlightened. Wasn’t this the example of Buddha and Christ. Their independence of spirit, their willingness to put their trust in their own humanity and in that of others against the collective will of their families, culture, society.
To be conscious signifies independent mindedness and heartedness, it’s being comfortable with being different, being comfortable even when we unintentionally make waves – just by being, empowered, kind, creative and compassionate but also un-swayed by those who are triggered by our presence. There are many subtle opportunities of relating at the moment. As we patiently offer alternatives in trigger filled, drama fed culture, seriously what an art!
We are giving birth to ourselves, our consciousness directing us, our bodies directing us, if we are willing to listen.
Your inner compass sets the rules of your game.
Fusion of your deepest values, respect, decency and love.

Collectively we’re being forged in this loving furnace. Our very humanity is being melted down and our efforts to swim in this maelstrom, to keep our head above water, force us to become gold.
It’s like we’re being melted down so our very human essence can guide the way in this world.
Don’t wait for signs that it’s working, or that it’s worth it, nuture your spirit now and you’ll be fed by it.  That is what you need to be a light of peace in this world. And get used to being between the worlds of spirit and form where you have to constantly bring your attention back to your heart when your attention gets dragged into the mortgage or the drama. This doesn’t always deliver short-term results or solutions but it delivers long-term ones!
Blessed are those who give their hearts to the world and who may never even see the fruits of their labour in their own lifetimes. Many of them don’t need to. The work itself is worth it.

With love

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