Wherever you are on the heroe or heroine’s journey, whether retreating from the world or returning to the world, remember that home is always there, as the vibration of love that you are. Take a moment to reconnect when you find yourself in some extremely unfamiliar territory, you will get your bearings there and also peace as the changes take place in and around you.
The energy of 2018 is really NEW on the planet, for myself I don’t even recognise it from past lifetimes. And we’re adapting to it with the planet and learning how to navigate in it. This new energy coming in is LIGHT. It’s about a lighter way of living, when action is in alignment with soul, magic really happens.  I’m seeing some things taking shape in London I never dreamed I’d see through this kind of aligned action.

You could be experiencing a lot of detoxing on the physical especially if you’ve been through a great deal of emotional processing over the last few years – with the change in the seasons and the change of focus in our lives.
Energy and soul workers are being called into new arenas. And a lot of people I know are changing careers.

Taking action on your wisdom, intuition, soul’s guidance can propel you into completely new environments and relationships where you will be learning new skills and seeing things very differently. Listening to what and who’s coming through. The next generation have gone through initiations very young and they’re ready! We have a lot to learn from them. I’m grateful to feel their presence and their vision. They are bringing so much to the table.
After years of consciousness expanding (especially since 2009 with all those planets lining up in Aquarius and the alignments with the centre of the galaxy) and then all the ancestral/dna healing and emotional processing alongside it, it now seems that there’s a focus on action or expression and new forms of manifestation to anchor this consciousness into the physical side of Earth.

Saturn, Pluto and Mars in Capricorn put a lot of focus on karma. There are major life spanning and re-incarnational interactions being tied up. Deep karmic resolutions take place like, for example, when you suddenly understand more about the perpetrator of your life’s biggest wounds or experiences that show you the other side and consequences of your own past actions. It is offering us freedom from even unconscious retention of blame and hurt and anger that can hold us and them in that bond. Should forgiveness arise and be relevant, because forgiveness is always about timing and not something to be forced, you will feel its grace ricochet through your past, past lifetimes and beyond death to those who tried to love but never knew how or how to show it.
We’re loving wholly for them too, also because we can. This IS the extraordinary opportunity of our lifetime. Of being conscious in this world.
May they all find peace.
May we all find peace.

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