The initiations you’ve been going through over the last few years, particularly since Pluto was Square Uranus (2011-2016), the internal revolution or what I call the revolution of being, are the soul initiations that you have been undergoing to prepare you to bring love to the heart of chaos. Why? because you have learnt/are learning how to bring love to the darkest aspects of your own life. And therefore are more emotionally equipped to do so for others.    This has huge potential to turn the tide, evolutionarily speaking, because an individual’s ability to stand in the presence of his own darkness without fearful reactivity, blame or violence is the substance of a peace maker.
This ability is the freedom from what is energetically, emotionally and to a great extent physically determined by the ‘collective’ but also a path walked FOR others who have yet to access it from within themselves. That’s the point. This ‘inner work’ which is a process of acknowledging and agreeing to the ground swell and momentum of your own soul’s emergence into the physical, doing what it takes to be you, to be whole in your lifetime, is a big part of the deal of you being here. You think this has been done a lot on this planet before? I don’t think so!! Your ancestors can vouch for that. That’s why it’s a tender place to be. A space of pure newness, innocence, vulnerability and faith because that is the very vibration that supports this emergence and the vibration that supports others in their emergence too.  And by the way this is the vibration of miracles, in fact, it is the vibration of creation itself that sings through your soul into matter. You think the greatest music, art and scientific breakthroughs were written from ego? Look at Einstein.  He attributed his breakthroughs to his imagination. And imagination and ego are not happy bed fellows. Ego is actually a significant part of our holy make up, but it can only go so far because it often needs conflict to give it a (false) sense of control.
Feel that part of you that has never been used before, new initiative, new ideas, the silent stream of love, a knowing that has no proof, feel it as a green shoot daring to grow either in a lush pasture or through concrete. There’s a wild defiance and joy in that. And it IS relevant.
Just because you don’t have the solution to the worlds problems or even your own does not mean that you are powerless. So much of the pain around this comes from feeling that. What happens if you set your mind free from needing an instant solution and judging you a failure for not having one. What happens then?

What is valuable for the world about you being in the world at this time?

May the fire of peace burn in your hearts.

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