Eclipse seasons, which we are in the midst of, are charged times, but especially with the Equinox approaching because the Sun’s activity increases around the Equinoxes. Right now we’re in the middle of a strong geomagnetic storm and this combined with quite a few planets in Pisces can make it hard sometimes to know what is going on! And the veil is so thin right now you can almost see reality transforming before your very eyes.

This eclipse season seems to be teaching us new ways to surrender in situations where we never thought we would need to. It is also teaching us whole new ways of letting go.

Eclipses and Pisces don’t really make sense with the rational mind. The truth that they reveal can’t be reduced to words or concepts. It’s beyond the boundaries of rationality. Like dreams. And talking of which, you may be having some crazy dreams!

This is a dive into a boundless healing ocean of the body and the heart as they readjust to the great energetic changes they have been undergoing. The process of healing pulls you into another world, it’s like a suspended state where you surrender to your body’s will, to the process of readjustment that restores us to wellness. This requires our surrender and our care not our doing or fixing. This eclipse time represents the power of gentleness.

Sagittarius is a sign which is all about the quest for meaning, and Saturn there  makes us face the fact that sometimes there is no meaning to be had. It can be a frightening place to be. It can also free us from a dependency on needing answers and explanations. There is no explanation for the great mysteries of life. And Pisces is the sign of the Mystery.  It’s a humbling experience for us all to come before it and also absolutely liberating.

I describe the energies of the eclipse season as the pain of exclusion versus the ecstatic state of union. A healing crisis, a spiritual epiphany or both! But as with any healing experience, we come out of it transformed, purified and strengthened and ready for the next eclipse in Aries/Libra on 23rd March when the action starts.

Pisces and Virgo are both signs of the work that goes on behind the scenes. With Virgo, that is often more literal like organising, and analysing. But with Pisces it’s the work that goes on behind the physical scenes. Behind the veil. The soul work that brings the worlds and dimensions together, the faith and compassion that unites people, and the emotional processing and releasing that brings union within us. Beneath it all, beyond it all and despite it all. To connect deeper to the part of us that is untouchable.
On the other side of fear is union…on the other side of fear is love.

Surrender entirely to how you are and who you are right now. It doesn’t need to make sense. Trusting that is where the magic starts.  It just takes a moment, dive in.

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