From January 2016

This is soul searching of the most heroic kind! It’s worth facing your reality and looking and feeling deeply into it, because in the gnarly bits of your experience you will find your power to move through it. Sometimes enough is enough.  Make it crystal clear what can stay in your reality and what has to go. And declare it with commitment to yourself and the Universe – (try it – you’ll feel it!).  Use your divine intelligence to make your own energetic heart medicine that perfectly counteracts what would disrupt your field. Transform the incessant slings and arrows into blessings, send them back to the Source, take responsibility for your part in things and let the ties that bind you to what you don’t want to be bound to, be untied with grace and clarity. In this way we are using our will to give each other back our freedom and declaring to the world that only love will do. Because
only love
do for you.

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