The Power of Venus and

The Grand Cross of 2014

 Venus appears to be much larger and brighter as the morning and evening star than it used to be. I put it down to the new intensity of the Sun but I also see this super-brightness as indicating the growing importance of Venus’ role in these years. Astrologically, Venus is a balancing and harmonising and creative force which is one of its most powerful influences. This was evident in the Venus transit of June 2012 which coincided with Pluto and Uranus coming into an exact square.  Venus is also known as the planet of love and during the Venus transit of 2012, Venus crossed the face of the Sun and as a result was solarised. This union of Venus and the Sun created a great wave of love that actually met in scale the almighty Pluto/Uranus contact and succeeded in balancing the turmoil, conflict and the tension of these combined planetary forces. A beautiful reminder of the power of Venus, the planet of peace that provided a creative channel for the rapid release of old, stuck and buried energies being brought to the surface by Pluto and Uranus.

In 2014 there is an even more powerful line up of planets in April, in fact the whole second half of April is astrologically defined by what is called a grand cross. This involves the planets Uranus and Pluto coming into an exact square just like they did in 2012, but on top of that, the planet’s Jupiter and Mars also come into the picture forming an exact cross in the solar system in these signs:

Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, Mars in Libra, Jupiter in Cancer.

This exact cross comes into alignment on the 23rd April but the whole of the second half of April holds the same intensity because the grand cross is between 2 eclipses on the 15th and the 29th (GMT).

The grand cross is extremely powerful not least because Mars is a forceful energy on top of an already volatile combination of planets and Jupiter magnifies anything it comes into contact with. But just like in 2012, Venus steps in again as a force of peace to balance out these energies through providing a creative and harmonious presence of equal measure! Its position in Pisces and its connections with Neptune and Jupiter at this time create a resonance of boundless loving creative and spiritual energy.

As has been the signature so far of these years the energies between the old and new paradigms continue to polarize and this is clearly symbolised by this planetary line up, but for me this date signifies a powerful step up and turning point in our evolution on this planet.

Love, appreciation and co-operation, the highest expressions of Venus are more powerful than anger and conflict simply because those forces cannot be sustained without more anger or conflict. And this is the real message of Venus.

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