From November 2014

So far 2014 really has delivered as a catalytic turning point of life on this planet. Since October there have been 2 eclipses, a great deal of solar activity, the thinning of the magnetic field –  all of which have exposed us to ever more powerful streams of transformational energy. This has created an unpredictable climate on a day to day level and many people have found themselves dealing with sudden or surprising circumstances, like job changes, relationship changes, re-locating, physical illness and healing. In short if you think of your life as a ship, it is changing course and by now you may have a better idea about where it is heading! Being alive at this time really is unchartered territory in the field of our human experience. In fact it is living from scratch from a new energetic paradigm that has no reference points. It can feel like a place of great uncertainty but now that the Sun has moved into Sagittarius we’ll be enjoying more of a sense of the potential of that ‘not knowing’ state, of a clean slate and the expansiveness that is so typical of this sign.
At this time we are reconciling all the changes that are taking place in our lives – shifts that are profoundly altering our concepts of self, of identity, of life, as the fabric of reality in this solar system is re-defined by the new frequencies woven into the molecular from the sun. Pluto and Uranus which are the key planetary players in bringing about these global changes, are now reconnecting in a direct square so we will continue to feel these energetic waves into December. The intensely polarized experience that has been characteristic of this year – experiencing emotional highs and lows and unexpected revelations, or unforeseen turns of events, means that simply engaging honestly with your experience involves a great deal of personal growth. This new way of being calls you to release assumptions about your self and others and about life that have been built on past experiences or general consensuses. This can be pretty disorientating as we let go of outlived ways of being, beliefs that we have lived by and relationships we have built our lives with, working practices and spiritual practices we used to swear by. This all takes a great deal of self care as we allow the changes to flow through our experience. This self care is what truly frees us because it’s tension and self judgment that really hold us in states of being or situations we’d rather see the back of. With everything within you and without you that has been brought to light during the Scorpio Sun that may have plunged your life into meaninglessness, now with the Sun in Sagittarius we get to enjoy the new horizons opening out and the new dreams that are blossoming in our hearts – the vision of Sagittarius that has a new chance to get our attention. In reconciling our past with our present we welcome a gentle sense of faith (thanks to Jupiter!) in the new direction that our lives are taking and surrender to a new emerging reality that invites us to dance unapologetically with change in all the authentic grace of our vulnerabilty. Wishing you all an adventurous Sagittarius season in this seesaw of a planetary re-birth!
With love and the highest acknowledgment of you and your presence in this world.

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