Set your self free to be, in a thousand ways, over a thousand days, light, dark, however you are, untouched, scarred, open to oblivion – your new friend. Purified and fortified by your own unstoppable grace, in spite of yourself.
Set your self free to be magnificent, to express your love when you feel it, to have the courage to feel even your own shame, to find love at the heart of it, to believe in renewal because there is nothing else, but each renewal is the next step home, and that home feels like it, feels like home, a welcome that is real.
To live unfazed by the scale of your own dreams, to have the courage to acknowledge that you are pure universal, God’s dream come true, God spark, creation’s wish granted, a celebration of infinity and unity and uniqueness. A symphony of equality. To face yourself in failure, to embrace success. To walk free of genetic or social conditioning, nothing can hold you back, you know it, deep down, high up, you know it.
It’s all there in the palm of your hand, like the sands of time slipping through your fingers, until there’s nothing left.
But silence, stillness and from the void the fires of your spirit that burn so fiercely you can no longer deny it. You are more than you dreamed, the dream that died so slowly and graphically so you could know your own soul’s reality.
And your feet…
are still…
… on… the… ground.

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