Newsletter from 20/6/2016

So on we roll to the Solstice mid point, in a time when the world is reassembling within us and around us. To all of you who dare to feel in these times I celebrate you! And I celebrate your courage to  practice emotional honesty, to feel what you actually feel with loving acceptance, so that you can be free from the drive of emotional distortion and denial.  Your honest human experience is a blessing to the world, your grief, your joy, it is all part of the rich dynamic of transformation.  Sometimes it’s surprising to find out how much we really do care about things, regardless of the inner defences that have been constructed to prevent us from doing so. So as more of our defences dissolve, may we take trust further into seeing the beauty of what feels most vulnerable within us, recognising it’s strength, giving it a voice, letting it be and letting it shine.
This incredible year calls us to go so much deeper than we thought we could. But it’s all part of retrieving the wisdom and power in our cells. Learning that the path of love is rarely what you think it will be. But above, below and beyond it all, true love is always there just pulsing in your depths, singing from your centre, waiting to welcome you home and celebrate with you the privilege of BEING. The truest, deepest love is always… right there.
I am honoured to share this time with you as we emerge together in our own unique ways and look forward to supporting you and co-creating with you, deeper, truer and freer ways of being

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