Looking at the astrology of 2014 is like seeing the whole solar system working together to make this year one of the most exciting chapters in the current age of revolutionary being.
Last week I was lucky enough to speak to some astrologers who had lived through the last time that the planets Pluto and Uranus were contact in 1965-67, generally considered a revolutionary time on a global scale, and they said that that time felt like nothing compared to the kind of planetary or personal changes we’re undergoing now. Sometimes in the midst of it all we can forget how remarkable this is, what a privilege it is to be alive in these truly historic times.
2010-2016 is when humanity undergoes its greatest transformation and 2014 takes it to a whole new level.

Over this year there are some real energetic extremes emanating from a very primal force that is driving the rebirth of the planet. This is organic life powerfully returning to the original intention and essence of its creation which is as a manifestation of love.
This is the process of breaking free from a limited paradigm that we are transforming from the most personal and intimate part of our experience in order that our external world can more honestly reflect the beauty of our human nature.
That’s why your presence is so important at this time because your energetic signature is a key part in the mix of metamorphic frequencies that is defining and co-creating this new expression of life.
Sometimes the commitment to our souls journey and the heroic efforts involved to live from the heart are completely invisible:
our greatest victories are won in silence

But you and I know the value of this journey and so does the Milky Way!
Perhaps this January our new year’s resolution could include simply trusting in the gentle but mighty unfolding of our hearts.

This is the dawn of another year of pure creative potential. Let’s celebrate standing in a world where your voice matters, where your presence makes a difference and where your very humanity is awakening to the astonishing beauty of itself.

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