From July 9th 2015

Both the March and September Equinoxes this year line up with eclipses signaling distinct energetic shifts. The March eclipse catapulted our consciousness into a new direction of truth and embodiment as our soul self steered us into new ways to support it’s emergence in our daily lives. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier or intense it did! Or maybe the opposite was true, maybe it couldn’t get more dull! No intuitive hits or light bulb moments. No confirmation, inspiration of reflection. Just  a kind of crash course in the basics of being – another day, another breath another heart beat. What ever route you took would have had you change your course in some way.

The start of a new energetic cycle so distinctly marked by the March Equinox ‘reset’ has been often disorientating. At this time we are taken on a path of faith as many key former supports, relationships and jobs and even belief systems have fallen by the wayside.  It can be painful to let go of formerly trusted allies, and work and beliefs that gave our life meaning, even when we know on a deeper level that this is what it takes for a truer version of ourselves to be born. The tried and tested modus operandi has become modus defuncti with zero replacement, the well oiled machine ground to a halt.  I’ve seen loads of people’s formulas unravel, I’ve experienced my own unraveling.  I haven’t enjoyed it and it sometimes takes a great deal to remember that this is the very process of liberation. But it is! And the fact that it is, makes it exciting.

The journey of faith is simply acknowledging that we are part of a divine system of movement, evolution and raw potential that is entirely stacked in our favour.  In a way ‘faith’ makes it sound kind of airy fairy but if you really look at how the universe works physically, it is simply common sense to trust it! I mean every single day of your life you have experienced day time and night time, everyday, without fail, and every year for your whole life you have experienced seasons without fail (if you live in seasonal climates). That statistically is better than any bus or train you’ve ever waited for, car you’ve driven or computer you’ve used. Trust is how you can allow the universe to support you. If you trust life to give you the experiences you need and trust yourself to meet whatever life has to give you, you will immediately feel your body relaxing and allow yourself to enjoy the ride a bit more.  Trust is where the magic happens, like in any relationship because it gives you freedom. Let trust give you the wings you need.

So what a year! The Solstice and also the powerful Capricorn full moon have brought a kind of completion to the March equinox ‘initiation’ phase allowing these new found inner freedoms born from doing it ‘your way’ to flow outwards into new avenues of creativity (Leo), work (Virgo), and relating (Libra). Your life may look like chaos or a desert right now with little or no indication of the next step, but one thing is for certain, and that is, that this is the making of you!

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