A new start is always welcome. Especially after such a deeply healing and transformational 2 months with the eclipses, Pluto retrograde, the full Moon in Scorpio, a heart shaped coronal hole on the Sun that unleashed the biggest solar flare of the year! In case you missed it, this is what it looked like –
Anyway, it’s been tremendous. And now with a new Moon (last Friday), 4 planets in Taurus, and 5 planets in retrograde, at last, there’s a place to land. Let it all sink in, allow for a slower pace. (by the way slower pace doesn’t mean less productive).
I call that pace – travelling at the speed of breath.
It’s a chance to just be for a while. As my friend Leone said – enjoy the view.
Whatever season it is with you it’s a beautiful time of year.  Here in England there are cherry blossoms and blue bells, delicate spring time fragrances, it is quite a feast for the senses! And a time where your body seems to come alive with nature and the strengthening Sun.
Taurus is known for being slow but it is just in tune with the natural rhythms of the Earth, with the body. It’s a very physical sign with a powerful relationship to the senses. Today I noticed that the air was just the right temperature, not hot, not cold, and that it was moving in gentle currents. I noticed how rare that is and how good it felt!
It’s through the senses that you can regroup, recharge. Tastes, sound, touch. And pleasure is extremely healing and balancing. And by the way food seems to taste especially good when the Sun is in Taurus.
This recharging through the senses will help as well with whatever the retrograde planets bring up! You may find episodes of your past replaying like an old TV series you’ve seen too many times. (Amazing how life can look like the worst soap opera sometimes!) If your past does flare up, there is an opportunity to meet it in an entirely different way, redefining you in the context of your present. Although you are shaped by your past, you are also independent from it and this retrograde may provide you with the clarity you need to make some powerful changes, especially to your physical world (property, money etc).This journey of transformation we are undergoing involves constant re-relating to ourselves through a powerfully shifting internal landscape. These retrogrades can offer a gentle opportunity to put a past loss to rest. The healing of grief and heart break isn’t a linear process, it unfolds through cyclical waves and can sometimes feature in retrogrades. And gently untangling yourself from the bonds of guilt are supported by this energy too.
Guilt is often related to the powerlessness we feel in the face of those that we love’s pain. Or the feeling we have failed them or ourselves or even love itself. If you’re feeling guilt, it would be a good time to take note, to listen to it and notice what happens to it in the light of your attention. Believe me, it is a conversation worth having. Time to set yourself free from a drive that is telling you, you could have done better, a false standard of conduct you are still upholding, or feelings of what you think you should have done. Allow yourself to go deeper, to listen and to feel. This is so sacred. Thank you for going there… the world is ready for this!
When the opportunity arises and when we are ready, may we take that step of forgiveness of others and of ourselves.  Forgiveness is key in this phenomenal spiritual revolution taking place!
This process of adjustment, release or forgiveness isn’t an imposition on some part of our self that we consider unworthy or that we are judging, it is a dialogue with our perceived failings, our fallibility, our bodies and emotions, our humanity, the mistakes we have made that have connected us deeper to others and pulled us into a deeper relationship to life itself. This is how we can truly come to know our divinity.

As Taurus is an Earth sign, even if you are very busy at this time, it’s worth taking a moment to connect to the immutable, unmovable part of you that is deeply consistent. Like a tree with deep roots and branches that stretch beyond you. There is an expansiveness that is emerging through this gentle reflectiveness, a new lease of life waiting to blossom through the stillness.
Go deeper and let it all fall into place and readjust. Taureans don’t tend to really go after what they want, they wait for it to come to them. What is waiting to come to you if you let it? What is looking for you, seeking you? And what would it mean to be ready to meet it.

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