Autumn greetings to you in the northern hemisphere and Spring greetings to you in the southern hemisphere. I love that this network spans both hemispheres of our beautiful Earth.

Thank you for walking the path of love and freedom with me. I’ve been so inspired and continue to be by the contact I’ve had with many of you over the years.

I know a lot of people are feeling the pressure of this time. And over this lead up to the Equinox there’s a huge amount of solar energy flooding to the Earth.
What this season is calling more from us is… trust.
Returning to self care when we’re out of our depth.
Returning to self love when we feel overwhelmed, in order for us to stay centred on our own path which seems so incomparible to those around us or to the status quo. To hold our own ground but also to be able to thrive on our own path of creative service.
Energetically it’s such a balancing act and actually what makes it possible is how much we can trust in our Selves and in life itself.  Because actually there IS nothing more trust worthy.

This is a time for some gentleness.
I found the triple eclipse season in July and August a hugely powerful shift.
And we continue to adjust to life moving us out of a social paradigm (and habit) of aligning ourselves with the collective standards and values to succeed or survive, to aligning ourselves with our own soul’s to thrive.

Our service to the world (Virgo) is connected to our own freedom from the traditional or conventional definition of humanity to trust in our own knowing of what is available to us and possible by us. As an empathic human being it’s also the exit from service as a form of martyrdom to service as a form of respectful and  self empowered giving and receiving.

In gentleness, with each breath we can and let ourselves adjust,  physically and emotionally and in all honesty, to how we ARE NOW.

The soul path can be so unpredictable in invisible and personal ways and because that path is unique to each of us there are some aspects of your life that no one can understand other than you. This is when I have found, the most healing thing is to hold space for your self in the deepest of understanding. Understanding your frustration or heart break or sense of injustice which you wouldn’t be feeling if you didn’t have a right to. As I often say in sessions – you have every right to be feeling what ever you are feeling. The emotional body is so intelligent, we don’t just feel things for no reason.
Uncomfortable and painful feelings are always our vulnerability needing our attention. And acknowledging them and acting to support them and the inner child is how we prevent projecting them onto others, and supports us to withdraw our energy from the reactive conflictual space.
This level of self care and emotional self respect is the doorway to TRUST because from the soul’s view which is the multidimensional vision/knowing, this is all part of the plan and what you’re here to be and the divine intelligence of you is mutually informed by and informing the divine source of all beings in this colourful dance of evolution.
What we may feel impotent to effect in even critical situations, not knowing how to be or what to do, reaching the edge of knowing and ability is where your humility, and TRUST kicks in. And somehow these intimate shifts of listening and responding and caring for our inner child have the power to make great changes in the very situations that have triggered our own pain or discomfort. The learning is there. The alchemy is there. The magic and the freedom is there.

Sometimes all it takes to heal is understanding and the ability to see the pain and the real cause of it without judgements. Understanding, intuition, appreciation and trust – all form the energetic language of love, and are the subtle human superpowers currently transforming our reality.

Trust what and who you are.

With love


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