From 20 June 2014

Today is Midsummer’s day in the Northern Hemisphere and Mid Winter in the Southern Hemisphere which marks the ending of the Solstice when the Sun appears to stand still for 3 consecutive days as it rises in the same place on the horizon. This is actually Earth turning a corner in the annual journey around the Sun. The Solstice is a fire festival that marks a 6 month turning point in our perpetual circling of this star, whose very breath reaches to the furthest edges of the Solar System.
The celebration of the Solstice is generally connected to death and rebirth, as nature follows the growth and decline of the Sun through the seasons.  The solstices are the pivotal moments when the connection to the Sun is reset.
After the 2 X class solar flares of June the 10th there was a geomagnetic storm on June 18th and 19th and a spiral eruption on the face of the Sun on the 19th– that has just hit Earth’s magnetic field today.  All this solar activity at the Solstice, which by the way has been a feature of the Solstices over the last few years, has made this June Solstice intense. All this solar energy and also Mars returning to square Pluto and Uranus as it was during the Grand Cross means more living in the raw! This is life without the filters. Wherever you are at with it – whether soaring through the dimensions or experiencing pain or meaninglessness – take a moment to listen to your heart and see what your heart feels about all this transformation. You may find that the deepest part of your being is meeting this experience with a certain kind of relish regardless of what is playing out in your life.
That is because in the deepest part of your being you recognise the energetic shift as a process of opening freedoms.  Getting lost in the emotional depth of it all when we face every side of our self is all part of this flow of truth. As is finding new expressions of beauty and inspiration to embody something more genuinely human. Remember to see what is truthfully astonishing about you too as life holds up this mirror for us to step through simply by having the courage to see everything that is reflected in it with love.
Never have there been such limitless possibilities as there are in this sea change you are sailing through.  And whatever state you are in and whatever emotions you are feeling, remember that that state is as spiritually valuable as any other.  Simply because it is the truth. The truth of your heart right now is divine music to the world. Flowing whole heartedly with wherever you are at in your life and whatever you face is the art of being able to be with the truth of yourself and your world in your rapidly evolving, skin shedding, chrysalis bursting, mould breaking emergence!

What part of ourselves we lose and what part of ourselves we gain at the turning of the Sun marks our alliance with the cycles of motion that define the expression of life in the Universe.
May the Sun rise anew in our hearts this Midsummer/Midwinter!

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