2015 is about grounding wisdom and everything that comes with walking the talk, walking wisdom, walking consciousness.
From wisdom to action.
From the source of yourself flows the river of your life.
Come back to this place, this source within you when you need to. That’s what I call standing still in silence when there is no talk to walk! Especially when your actions or state of being reveal themselves to have slipped out of alignment with your heart, soul and body. That slipping is actually the way that the next step of your freedom in this incarnation is revealed to you. Though that process can show you all the ways that you may berate yourself or uphold outdated standards that no longer match your true potential. This will bring you back to something more real within you, where your potential is united to the part of you that knows you are already whole.

What is allied to creation, soul and freedom is consistency, integration and honesty. As is supporting the natural process of melting with tenderness or burning up with love all the illusions or insanity that we may have bought into (without even realizing it!) The personal revelations and changes of 2015 remind us that we have the power to hold our own in a world that sorely needs that example. And we do so simply through knowing ourselves as divine and connecting to the deepest and truest part of us that is ALWAYS THERE no matter how you feel or how you behave.
Sometimes it’s not all about action. This time may be about being in a space of sanctuary or nurture. As you reassemble through a transformation of epic proportions. (I really believe we’re undergoing huge energetic and physical changes this year.) Other times it’s about trying something you never even thought of before.  At some point or other we all have to set sail into the unknown.

With the Sun in Gemini, Saturn in Sagittarius retrograde and Mercury in Gemini retrograde there can be a great deal of conflicting information, or concealed information. It can be lonely and frustrating when no one else gets it. Or you may be the only one that knows the truth. There are times to speak up and out and there are times to keep silent. Either way this dynamic is releasing you from needing to be understood. This is all part of becoming independent as a sovereign being, not needing validation for what you know. Because the process of empowerment and freedom is one of independence. This independence frees you to unapologetically share your innate brilliance, presence and creativity naturally with others. Allows you to co-operate more with others.

For many of us, life is changing direction and it can be a stretch of the road that you have to walk alone. This is because essentially what is going on is a powerful soul initiation, and that demands another level of individuation.
This breakthrough that we are creating has many layers and dimensions to it and living it with sincerity is worth a great deal. We are here to have the human experience. We are here to have an experience of incarnating soul as the means of transforming the world. And remember that whether it feels good or bad is independent of the value of YOUR living presence on this planet.
I know that many are experiencing a sense of freedom they have never felt before and are really getting into their stride. All sorts of personal and creative breakthroughs are available in this new climate of possibility. We are all experiencing these changes in very unique ways.
For those of you who are facing aspects of yourself that make you feel you can’t go on, please let me reassure you that there is nothing in this life that cannot be redeemed and healed. Know that YOU are worthy of love. There is nothing you need to do to deserve love, because you are loved simply by being here.  Redemption is woven into the fabric of this life simply because the divine is incapable of judging you! It is down to you to take those steps of change that your heart and soul longs for or that is imposed on you by circumstance. But you have what it takes, believe me, you do… and life will support you. In your heart you know that these changes are right for you even though it may be humbling, disorientating and painful to undergo them. There is something remarkable around the corner that couldn’t have happened without the choices you are making now!

With love and trust in our shared experience.


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